Application Instructions
To apply to become a Trip Leader, please submit your resume, cover letter, and responses to the following questions to
1.    Why are you interested in becoming a Trip Leader with FTLO Travel?
2.    Which three of our itineraries inspire you the most? For each itinerary, provide one free time suggestion (i.e., restaurant, bar, museum, activity) that you would provide to someone on this trip - pick something local, unique, and/or awe-inspiring!
3.    Have you previously led travel groups? If so, where did you take them? How many people were in the group? What were your biggest challenges in leading the group, and how did you overcome them? 
a.    If you haven’t led travel groups before, describe your experience managing a complex groups or team of individuals. 
4.    Are you bilingual, or do you speak any other languages fluently enough to negotiate or resolve issues? 
5.    How do you strike a balance between fun and safety to ensure that FTLO clients have the best possible experience on a trip?




About FTLO
For the Love of Travel (FTLO Travel) is a boutique travel company offering unique, curated group trips for millennial professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Pulling a page from the slow food movement, we embrace the idea of "slow travel." That is, having an authentic cultural experience that connects us with the soul of the destination and people we can relate to. We help travelers get the most out of the places we visit, while still giving them the freedom and flexibility to personalize their trips. We handle all of the major details, leaving travelers more time to discover, connect, and have fun. 

The Position
FTLO Travel is currently looking for part-time Trip Leaders to operate our 2019 itineraries. As a Trip Leader, you are responsible for executing our carefully curated domestic and international trips to ensure trip participants are safe, comfortable, engaged, and having fun! Our trips range from three days to twelve days long, and include destinations in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. This is an amazing opportunity to gain further experience in the travel industry and lead groups of like-minded individuals around the world! Our trip leaders pride themselves on helping create positive, memorable experiences for travelers in our groups and continuously strive to help them forge connections both with each other and the places we visit. Therefore, being extremely attentive and service oriented is paramount to both the success of the leader and the trips themselves.
As a Trip Leader your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
1.   Understanding and Executing Company Policies
a.    Review, acknowledge, and execute all required company policies and procedures.
b.   Participate in all required company training courses and meetings.
2.   Preparing for the Trip
a.    Review the trip itinerary, including destinations and activities. 
b.   Confirm all trip reservations (restaurants, transportation, etc.) provided by the Operations Team.
c.    Understand and be able to communicate local laws, regulations, and requirements of each destination and activity. 
d.   Understand any special considerations provided by trip participants (e.g., food allergies, medical conditions, etc.), and be able to provide the necessary support to ensure all trip participant needs are met.
e.    Contact trip participants via group chat at least two weeks prior to your scheduled trip to introduce yourself to the group and to confirm contact and their arrival information.
f.     Answer any questions group members may have relating to the trip, itinerary and other logistics.
3.   Leading the Trip
a.    Execute the trip itinerary and manage all required logistics.
b.   Ensure timely arrival of tour group for all activities, including transportation and connections between locations.
c.    Ensure the safety of all trip participants and remain attentive towards situations that may present any risks or dangers.
d.   Ensure all trip participants follow local laws and regulations.
e.    Communicate any special requirements to the tour group for each day and/or activity (e.g., dress requirements).
f.     Remain attentive to the needs of all trip participants and keep an eye on potential issues within the group. 
4.   Managing Trip Incidents
a.    Resolve any issues that arise during the trip, and execute the Crisis Management Plan, if required.
b.   Seek timely medical attention for yourself or any trip participants, if needed.
c.    Report any incidents or emergencies (i.e., medical emergencies, car accidents, etc.) to the FTLO Operations Team immediately.
5.   Completing Administrative Requirements
a.    Document and collect all invoices and receipts obtained during the trip.
b.   Submit an invoice of all expenses to the FTLO Operations Team within one week after the end of a trip.
c.    Encourage trip participants to complete the FTLO Satisfaction Survey and leave a Facebook or Yelp review.

As Trip Leader, you should have experience leading and participating in group travel, be outgoing and sociable, and be willing and able to manage all aspects of the trip itinerary. In addition, you should meet the following qualifications:

Travel Experience
o   Passion for traveling abroad and an appreciation for other cultures.
o   Experience participating in and leading group trips.

o   Ability to multitask and adjust to changing priorities.
o   Amazing attention to detail and ability to stay organized.
o   Proactive at identifying possible solutions to logistical problems.

Communication / Personality Traits
o   Ability to effectively communicate in-person, over the phone, and in writing. 
o   Willingness to ask questions and raise concerns.
o   Ability to effectively communicate and lead individuals with different (and sometimes difficult) personalities.
o   Experience in customer service role.
o   Ability to think on your feet and overcome unexpected challenges that arise.
o   Understanding of conflict resolution strategies.
o   Be a VERY patient person! 

Technical Skills & Certifications
o   Current CPR/First Aid certification that will remain valid through all trips.
o   Understanding of domestic and international trip planning and logistics.
o   Maintain legal authority to travel and work within the destination country. 
o   Certified Tour Guide in your local country and/or your destination country. (preferred)
o   Ability to conduct business in other languages. (preferred)
o   Ability to lead multiple and/or concurrent trips in 2019.(preferred)

Trip Leaders are hired as independent contractors and will receive transportation to/from the trip destination, lodging during the trip, covered meals during the trip, and an agreed upon daily rate + performance-based bonuses. 

Current Availability
We are always adding itineraries, and welcome applications and suggestions for new destinations! We also have availability for the following 2019 itineraries:

·      Amalfi Coast & Puglia (must speak Italian)
·      Annecy & Bordeaux (must speak French)
·      Barcelona & South of France (must speak French & Spanish)
·      Colombia (photography trip) (must speak Spanish)
·      Eastern Europe
·      Greek Islands
·      Germany (must speak German)
·      Japan 
·      Mexico (wellness trip) (must speak Spanish)
·      Mexico City (foodie trip) (must speak Spanish)
·      Morocco 
·      Myanmar
·      Scandinavia
·      Thailand & Cambodia
·      Tuscany & Rome (must speak Italian)
·      U.S. Domestic Weekend Trips (must live in the United States)
·      Vietnam & Laos

Equal Opportunity Employer
FTLO Travel is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against race, color, creed, sex, gender, religion, marital status, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state or local laws or ordinances. To all recruitment agencies - we do not accept unsolicited agency resumes and are not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.