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Your Questions Answered

Covid FAQs

Your health is our highest priority throughout the entirety of your trip. While we have turned a corner from the worst of Covid, the virus continues to evolve and spread. We are constantly monitoring and adapting to the situation and we will do everything within our power to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable, and fun trip with FTLO.

Trips running?

1. Is FTLO currently running trips?

Yes, but only in countries that we deem safe to travel in and have borders that are open to tourists from the US.

Country Closures

2. What if certain countries remain closed?

FTLO is a US-based company and is currently running trips to countries open to American travelers. If the Covid situation changes within any country we are running excursions to, we will adapt accordingly, which may require postponing trips to closed countries.

3. What if certain activities remain closed?

We are in constant contact with our teams on the ground to find the latest up-to-date information. If an activity is deemed unsafe or is closed, we will not be able to partake in the activity. If we know of this before your departure, we will inform you of this change. If the activity closes while we are there, we will find a similar activity.


4. What are the current restrictions?

Countries are continuously loosening restrictions. For the most up-to-date info, check out this helpful map from Sherpa:

Current Restrictions

5. Will the trip be the same experience?

We will not run a trip if we don't believe we can deliver an amazing experience or if we feel the standard or the safety levels are not to our high standard.

That said, there may be changes we have to make to the itinerary due to Covid-19 as some businesses unfortunately have not survived. Regardless of any switches, we promise it will be equally amazing.

We recommend checking out our reviews from 2021 & 2022 as evidence of this!


6. If my trip is cancelled, what are my options?

If a trip is cancelled due to reasons within FTLO’s control and not for reasons due to Force Majeure, we can offer you the following choices: 

  • Travel credit equal to the trip cost that you have paid.

  • A refund equal to the trip cost that you have paid.


If a trip is cancelled due to a Force Majeure event, we can offer you the following choice: 

  • Travel credit equal to the trip cost that you have paid minus any unrecoverable costs and monies. Unrecoverable costs and monies include but are not limited to deposit monies that we have received from you and forwarded to our suppliers, cancellation penalties imposed by third parties, our current standard fee to cover work involved in planning, booking and organizing your participation in a trip. 

  • Travel credit equal to the trip deposit and a refund equal to the trip remaining balance that you have paid minus any unrecoverable costs and monies. 


We require all travelers to obtain travel insurance to cover losses in the case of unrecoverable costs. 

Please see full Terms and Conditions HERE

7. What is your refund policy IF I CANCEL?

If you cancel a trip, you will be responsible for the amounts listed below based on the date we receive your written confirmation of cancellation.​


61 days or more days before departure: Deposit is non-refundable and issued as “Travel Credit” on your account that can be transferred to another trip.


60-31 days before departure: 50% of the trip is non-refundable. Any additional amount paid will be refunded or given as travel credit. 


30 days or less before departure: No refund possible


This travel credit will expire five years from the date of issue. The Deposit or Travel Credit cannot be exchanged for a cash refund of any type. (see section below regarding Trip Transfers and Travel Credits)


No refund can be provided if you fail to join the trip, join it after departure, or leave it prior to its completion for any reason.


Further, any non-refundable deposits made to third-party suppliers and third-party cancellation fees will be subtracted from any refunds due under this section or trip transfers. In some instances, this may result in a refund amount of $0 after these subtractions.

For full terms and conditions, please click HERE.

Refund Policy

8. What safety measures are FTLO taking?

We will do everything within our power to ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable trip possible. Our health and safety protocols are constantly revised and adapted based on local and international Covid guidelines, and we are working with all of our suppliers to ensure that they are in line with the CDC and WTTC hospitality sanitation standards.

  • This means more cleaning.

  • Changes to restaurant operations.

  • More time spent outdoors when possible.


Our trip leaders' number one priority is making sure everyone is healthy and safe. Throughout your trip, they will work diligently to keep any risks as low as possible. If anyone falls ill, we have action plans in place, details on what travelers need to do, and information on local testing centers.


For you, the main changes to be aware of are:

  • You will be asked to take a COVID test before your flight and before joining the group.

  • If you become ill, the trip leader has the right to remove you from the trip.

  • You will be asked to frequently wash your hands as well as wear a mask at certain times.

Safety Measures

9. Does FTLO require I take a covid test before my trip?

Per FTLO policy, all of our travelers need to get a COVID test prior to the first day of the trip regardless of their vaccination status. This was a measure we introduced to try to avoid outbreaks on trips so we can enjoy all of the amazing offerings at our destinations. Thank you for looking out for your fellow travelers and taking this extra step to have a great trip!


We require proof of a negative test result taken no earlier than 2 days before the trip starts. We accept results from any test taken at an authorized testing site (health centers, pharmacies, etc.). We'll also accept results from self-test kits that are proctored (taken with an e-med/telehealth provider). Additionally, if you have any FDA-approved self-test kit, you can go through Total Testing Solutions to have an over-the-counter test proctored and the result verified.

We understand the annoyance of the additional step, but we  promise it's with the best intention to keep our travelers safe. We have had people test positive the day before the trip starts and this testing requirement saved an outbreak from happening. This sort of protocol really helps to make sure you have an amazing FTLO experience!


10. What happens if I am experiencing symptoms on a trip? 

While we’ve rounded the corner from the worst of the pandemic, Covid-19 is still with us, and your health remains our number one priority. As positive cases can derail the trip for the entire group, we ask that every traveler be honest and upfront if they are experiencing symptoms. In the unlikely event that you feel sick or display signs of illness, your Trip Leader will ask you to get tested for Covid-19, and you will need to receive a negative result to continue your trip. Your Trip Leader will help you find a testing center and, if necessary, a nearby clinic, and our team will support you along the way to ensure everything is as simple and straightforward as possible.


11. Will my insurance cover me if I get Covid-19 while I am on the trip?

We highly recommend that all travelers purchase travel insurance that covers any Covid-related expenses. Make sure that you double-check with your provider and carefully read your policy before purchasing. WE CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH.

Insurance Coverage

12. What happens if I get covid while on a trip?

While no longer considered a serious threat in most countries, Covid still very much exists and there is a chance that you could contract it during your trip. 


If at any point on the trip, you start exhibiting symptoms of Covid, you will be asked to take a rapid antigen test. Should you test positive, you will be asked to self-isolate in your room. If you have a roommate, they will be transferred to another room, where they will be asked to take a test as well. 


Depending on the local regulations, you will likely be required to quarantine at a hotel. Our trip coordinator will work with you as a point of contact to ensure you are taken care of, assist you with accommodation should the rest of the group be moving locations, and help you contact your travel insurance provider. 


The rest of the group will also be informed of the situation so they may test if they would like. Our company policy is to only require people exhibiting symptoms to take a test although certain destinations may require all close contacts to test.


Currently, the rules and regulations in most countries differ from one another and are in a constant state of flux. While we cannot guarantee a certain accommodation or length of stay if you fall ill, we do want to stress again that we will do absolutely everything we can to support you even if you are unable to continue the trip.


Although we are not currently offering refunds for missed activities or hotels, if you have purchased the proper insurance, many of these expenses should be covered.

Sick Refund

13. Will I be required to be vaccinated against COVID to join a trip?

As of March 2022, we are dropping our blanket vaccination requirement and will have trip-specific requirements based on local regulations. Please check each trip page for specific requirements in the "Trip Notes" section.


As vaccinations are no longer required, we can’t guarantee that your roommate will be vaccinated. If this is of concern to you, you may ask to book a single room for the duration of your trip.


Please note: in certain destinations, while a vaccine may not be required for entry, it may be required to participate in certain activities. We will try to offer alternatives to the best of our ability but cannot make guarantees and cannot provide refunds for any activities you are unable to participate in because of your vaccination status.

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