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Your Questions Answered

Travel Doc

1. What documents do I need to join a trip?

You must have a passport to join any of our international trips. Also, your passport MUST be valid for six months after your trip date. All travelers must also fill out the Health Declaration Form before traveling with FTLO.

For certain destinations, additional documentation or permissions are required. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of the correct visas, permits and certificates for your trip. We are not responsible if you are refused entry to a country because you lack the correct passport, visa or other travel documentation.

Allowed Luggage

2. How much luggage can I bring?

Pack light! We generally recommend bringing a medium size bag (some people might even get away with a carry-on). At times you will have to navigate cobblestone streets with your bag in tow. Because we try to use locally-owned accommodations, some boutique hotels have no elevator. For space and comfort reasons, travelers are allowed only one piece of luggage plus a personal item like a backpack or tote bag - you'll thank us later.

Also, when packing, be sure to leave a little extra room for treasures you find along the way!

3.Do I need Trip Insurance?

YesEveryone on the trip is required to purchase trip insurance. Depending on the company you use, it covers everything from emergency medical care and trip cancellation to baggage loss or delay (i.e. if your bag gets lost and you don't get it for 3 days, trip insurance will reimburse you for new clothes, toiletries, etc.)


We will send several travel insurance options in your booking confirmation email. Whoever you use, you must have a minimum coverage of $200,000 that covers personal accident, death, medical expenses, loss of or damage to luggage, emergency evacuation and personal liability.


We recommend purchasing your trip insurance as soon as you book your trip. You must email us proof of insurance at least one week prior to departure.

Trip Insurance

4. What is the Health Declaration Form?

While FTLO no longer requires travelers to test negative for Covid before a trip, we do require all travelers to fill out the Health Declaration Form, the goal of which is to help us as we try to ensure the safest possible environment not only for our travelers but also for our Trip Leaders and the local communities they visit during their trip.

The Health Declaration Form states that you have not been exposed to Covid recently nor exhibited any symptoms. It also asks travelers to acknowledge that if they test positive for Covid during their trip, they may be asked to leave the trip (see Covid FAQ #5: “What happens if I get Covid on my trip?”). We encourage you to read the Health Declaration Form before booking and contact us with any questions you may have.

Health and Declaration Form

5. When will i receive the Health Declaration Form?

This will be emailed to you and unlocked in your Departure Hub within Mighty Networks two days before your trip begins. This is to ensure that everyone provides the most accurate information possible within the two-day window prior to your departure.

Receivng Health and Declaration Form

6. When will I receive the accommodation details for my trip?

ou will find the list of accommodations, including their addresses and contact details in your Departure Hub within Mighty Networks. The link to your Departure Hub will be sent to you by email 30 days before your trip.

Accommodation details

7. When will I receive my itinerary?

You will be able to access your detailed itinerary in the Departure Hub within Mighty Networks. You will be sent a link to this by email 30 days before your trip. That being said, the general itinerary of each and every trip can be viewed on the individual trip pages of our website.


8. When will I find out my roommate?

If you have booked shared accommodations, you will find out who your roommate is upon arrival. However, if you’d like to request a roommate, you’ll have the option to do so in your Pre-Trip Survey, which will be sent to you by email when your booking is confirmed.


9. can I find out who my roommate is sooner?

The short answer is no.

We work carefully to match roommates based on the information provided by our travelers in their Pre-Trip Surveys. As we often have last-minute bookings, roommates are paired as close to the departure date as possible. This way, we can do our best to find the perfect fit, ensuring you'll mesh well with your roomie.


With all of that said, you certainly won't be heading into your adventure without knowing anyone. 30 days from your trip, you'll get access to your Departure Hub within Mighty Networks. This platform is a great place to chat and get to know all of your travel mates prior to meeting in person.

If you have any other specific roommate-related requests, please let us know on your survey, and we'll do our best to accommodate them. If you have trouble sleeping or any other particular concerns, we encourage you to consider upgrading to a single room.

Know my roommate sooner
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ready to travel with us?

WhatsApp Group

10. Will there be a group whatsapp created?

Yes! This will be released in your Departure Hub within Mighty Networks one week before your trip begins. In the meantime, feel free to chat with your travel crew in your Departure Hub group chat to coordinate optional activities and get to know one another.

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