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10 Sustainable Travel Gift Ideas from FTLO Travel

At FTLO, we’re passionate about protecting the environment and supporting sustainable tourism. When we’re building trips, that means working with local, ethical suppliers. And when we’re thinking of gifts for our friends and family, that means choosing products and businesses that keep our planet in mind. We love supporting small businesses, but sometimes, even industry titans are doing their part by reducing packaging waste or protecting natural resources with their shipping supplies.

By prioritizing responsible travel practices, we can make a significant difference in preserving the destinations we cherish for future generations. These businesses offer a selection of more sustainable products and even gift cards that support local communities. 


Paravel Luggage

When it comes to travel essentials, luggage is at the top of the list. Paravel offers stylish luggage made from upcycled materials. Not only are their products durable and stylish, but the company is also one of the most sustainable luggage brands in the world. They offset the carbon footprint of their entire supply chain, making it a better choice for eco-conscious travelers.

Nadaam Beanie

Nadaam's sustainable cashmere beanie and socks are amazing travel companions for long, chilly flights. With fibers that come directly from herding communities of Mongolia, Nadaam is a leader in sustainable cashmere, ensuring that your comfort doesn't come at the expense of the environment.

decomposition notebooks

Capture your travel memories and jot down your thoughts in these eco-friendly Decomposition notebooks. With fun designs that are made with sustainable materials, each notebook has only 80 pages, so it won't add unnecessary weight to your bag.

Caraa Sport Studio Bag

Upgrade your travel style with the Caraa Sport Studio Bag. This bag strikes the perfect mix of functionality and chic design. When we talk about sustainability, it’s important to think about durability; if something lasts a lifetime, that’s a sustainable purchase. These bags do the trick.

Cadence capsules 

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles with Cadence capsules for shampoo and conditioner. These travel-friendly capsules eliminate the need for wasteful packaging and ensure you have high-quality hair care on the go. By choosing Cadence, you contribute to reducing plastic waste while maintaining your hair's health.

Packing Cubes from Eagle Creek

For all the men out there who like to stay looking sharp while traveling the world, Leaf Shave has some of the highest quality razors out there. Better yet, the company is plastic free, so you know your shave isn’t going to harm the planet in the long run.

Kind Traveler 

Discover the first give and get hotel booking platform that empowers travelers to positively impact the communities they visit. With 350+ hotel, charity and destination partners, every booking made through Kind Traveler gives back in some way.

Book Wander Woman

Beth Santos is an amazing advocate for inclusivity and awareness in travel. Her book is filled with wonderful inspiration and information to empower female travelers to explore the world with confidence.

Patagonia Jacket

And for the more adventurous travelers, anything from Patagonia is a fantastic choice. Known for their commitment to sustainability, Patagonia offers a wide range of gift options, from outdoor gear to clothing.

zero waste chapstick

More Stocking Stuffers: Reef-safe Sunscreen, Zero-Waste Chapstick, and Hair Ties!

Sometimes, the little things are actually the big things. The beach lover in your life could benefit from reef-safe sunscreen – so they can continue to snorkel and free dive, while helping preserve our reefs. More everyday items like zero-waste chapstick and hair ties are essential items that always get forgotten on the shopping list.


Happy holidays and happy travels!


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