Travel for Singles: Tips for Meeting Other Singles

Thinking of traveling while you're still single? You're headed in the right direction!

The reality is that if you're single, you should definitely be traveling more or at the very least... you should be planning your next vacation.

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When you're single, the stars align to create a perfect travel scenario so that you can (1) plan around your own schedule, (2) focus on your own interests and (3) fulfill your own travel goals. And of course, there's always the perk of being able to do some mingling and flirting along the way. ;)

At FTLO, we get all kinds of young professionals who join us on our group excursions to Europe, South America, Scandinavia and more... and these are often great trips for singles. There are often lots of cute travelers who want to know just how they can make the most of the bachelor/bachelorette life while traveling.

Lucky for you, we've got some tips for making the most of your travels while you're single and ready to mingle.

1. Let Your Interests Guide You

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Your interests and hobbies are a good place to start when it comes to deciding what types of travel activities to meet people through. One of our best bits of advice for travel for singles is investing in things that actually interest you (food, outdoor activities, music, etc.) means you're more likely to meet people you'll share some common ground with right off the bat. Love wine? Go on a wine tour. Love discovering new music? Go to a local concert. (If you're traveling with FTLO, you'll have free time to try activities that you're interested in on your own or with new friends).

2. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

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While doing things that interest you is one way to go about it, another perhaps more enticing way to get things rollin' is by trying things that challenge you and make you step outside of your comfort zone. There's no better time to go all out and try new things than when you're traveling and the environment is fresh and the people are new. Challenge yourself to try something new, and you're more likely to carry that good, fun energy with you as you meet people along the way.

3. Look Good, Feel Good

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When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you're inevitably the best version of yourself. Travel for singles should be fun, so dress up a bit if it makes you feel great, and you'll find that you're naturally going to put your best foot forward and stand out from the crowd!

4. Visit a Winery, Brewery or Whisky Bar

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What better way to mingle with new people than to share a drink and free-flowin' conversation? Do some research to find out what people drink in your new country and sign up for a tour or tasting! Going to Italy? Wine. Australia? Beer. Mexico? Mezcal. These are some super fun trips for singles.

5. Make use of apps like MeetUp and Tinder

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If you really want to make some moves and go on dates and meet some singles abroad, make use of apps like Tinder, Bumble or MeetUp, which make connecting super easy. Dating apps, for obvious reasons, make it easy to mingle while you're traveling. MeetUp is great for dropping in on daily adventures with other people who want to explore, go on hikes, go to bars, etc.

Regardless of your dating status, these pointers will help you make more connections throughout your travels and will help you live up the #singlelife. Of course, if you're planning on traveling with FTLO, you'll find yourself enjoying the company of others who are likely on the same boat; travel for singles has never been easier.

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