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Know Before You Go: Morocco

The magical country of Morocco has so much to offer. From breathtaking dunes to beautiful mountains and beaches; from ancient culture and architecture to some of the best markets and foods in the world – this is a country that offers a bit of everything.

Despite being on most people's travel bucket list, Morocco is a country that is full of surprises even for those who think they know what they're in for. That's why we've compiled a list of some common knowledge you'll want to have before heading to this beautiful North African country.

1. expect unique experiences

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Morocco will push you out of your comfort zone. This country is full of surprises and unique cultural experiences for someone who is not familiar with the region, so be prepared to experience something very different every day.

2. Culture and religion

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The Muslim country practices specific cultural customs, such as specific dress codes and rules on consuming alcohol. You will need to know these beforehand and adhere to them to respect the local culture.

3. Local languages

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The national language of Morocco is Arabic and Berber. You might also hear French and Spanish, as the region also has heavy European influences.

4. Tips and Money

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The national currency of the country is Moroccan dirham. You can check out the exchange rate for your local currency on Google. In general, a 10 percent tip is acceptable in hotels and restaurants if there wasn't already a service charge.

5. religious activity

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Public leisurely activities like shops and museums are closed on Fridays for Holy Day, so make sure to take that into account when planning your visit.

6. Staying hydrated

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You'll want to invest in a reusable water bottle that filters your water or be ready to keep buying bottled water wherever you can. Better safe than sorry!

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