Travel For Your Mental Health

Reflecting on emotional wellness and travel as an important part of that equation.

By now, we can all admit that our emotional well-being is just as important as our physical health. And when we travel, we tend to take care of both of these at the same time.

Whether a week-long adventure or just a drive down to the beach for a few hours, there’s no doubt that taking time for oneself is crucial for achieving mental health, as there are so many benefits that come with it.

  • Travel reminds you of your independence and strength. Travel requires a certain level of independence, because no one else is going to take the initiative to set up your vacation. They might be able to help you with itineraries and logistics (*cough, cough*), but at the end of the day, it takes your own initiative and bravery to decide that you’re ready to take on a new adventure.

  • Travel inspires new ideas. It’s almost impossible to travel to a new place and not feel inspired by everything new that you are encountering... be it food, technology, or people. Wherever you go, your creativity will flourish, and who knows where that could take you next...

  • Travel provides a new lens for evaluating yours and the world’s problems. It’s easy to forget that the challenges you face in life - though valid and real - are proportionate to your own lived experiences. The scale of your problems changes once you step outside of our own immediate surroundings and into the complex and changing world, and it’s easier to feel some sort of strength in seeing others persevere through more extreme circumstances.

  • Travel ignites spontaneity and curiosity. If you’re not already the most spontaneous and curious person in the world, traveling will ignite (and sometimes demand!) those characteristics in you.

  • Travel brings out the most authentic you. When you’re traveling somewhere new, you’re experiencing new things, meeting new people and in a constant process of learning. So when you’re traveling, you’re going to meet the most vulnerable, real, confused, amazed, open, curious and resourceful version of yourself that you never knew you could be.

  • Travel reminds you that the world is big and ready to embrace you. Regardless of what’s going on in your life, there is a big world out there ready to welcome you, embrace you, and hold you during the good and the bad times. There are more people to be met, more jobs to apply for, more crowds who need your laughter and (bad) jokes, and more of the world that would benefit from you, as you would benefit from it.

So if you’re stuck in a mental rut or striving to achieve a better balance when it comes to your mental health, remember that this part of you should come first. It demands that you take action to care for it, as you would if you had a sprained ankle.

Additionally, remember that there are many resources out there that were created to help everyone reach a state of mental well-being, including medical and licensed professionals, online resources, and even just talk groups to help you wade through any and all things.

Travel is yet another important element to the equation of everlasting personal growth and mental wellness, and a resource that will always be available to you.

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