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Meet the Team


Meet FTLO Trip Leader, Will!

Will started wandering away from his mother in amusement parks when he was five and never really stopped. An M.D. that studied in Germany and bounced all over, this Cartagena native decided to hang up his stethoscope and show people all that Colombia has to offer from his unique point of view.

📍Cartagena, Colombia

FTLO Travel Colombia

Favorite FTLO Memory:

"Medellín club hopping and ending up in a club basement with an over-the-top performance. people were dressed as characters from Alice in wonderland, walking through the crowd."


For the Love of Travel

Q & A

What is your favorite thing about your country?

WD: The people. Colombia is beautiful and diverse but what makes it is the friendly, happy, festive, and always optimistic Colombians.

Favorite international drink

WD: I’m a true Colombian on this one. I like my rums. I looove a good rum. So FTLO people are in good hands as there is a rum tasting in the itinerary with a badass mixologist.

How has travel impacted your life?

WD: Travel taught me how to value what I have. It helped me think outside of my box and put myself in other people’s shoes as well as awakening that inquisitive spirit that goes in hand with lust for travel. It’s a feeling of wanting to figure the world out.

What's a guilty pleasure of yours related to travel?

WD: The first thing I do when I’m in a new country is go to the supermarket. Even if they also speak Spanish, it’s like entering another dimension. Things are more or less the same, but just not quite there…Plus I see the names of produce and spices and I find that helps you at bars and restaurants and just gives you a better food experience over all.

What languages do you speak?

WD: English, German and Spanish.

What is something you would never travel without?

WD: Melatonin and chamomile tea. It helps me sleep when I jet lagged and/or have noisy neighbors.

If you could live in another country for the rest of your life, where would it be?

WD: Colombia for sure. Beach, mountains, weather, food, art, and family. Hands down Colombia.

What is your favorite local Colombian dish?

WD: Fried fish with flat plantains, coconut rice, and avocado salad chased with a cold beer. On the beach. It HAS to be on the beach. If you don’t feel the sand between your toes it doesn’t taste the same.

How many countries have you traveled to?

WD: I’m at around 28, including the Vatican.

Favorite travel book or movie

Movie: Almost Famous Book: The Motorcycle Diaries (Che Guevara's early diaries)

Want to join Will on our next Colombia trip?

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