Travel Items that Make Life Easier


Travel Items that Make Life Easier

August 8, 2019

There are some things you can do without when you're traveling (like a travel blanket or an umbrella), but there are others that can actually transform your entire travel experience. 


They can change the way you feel on a long flight, organize the way you unpack and re-pack, protect your belongings, and overall just make you enjoy traveling a whole lot more. We went through tens of lists of travel items that people love using and found that the ones below are absolute must-haves. That means you'll always find these useful regardless of where you're traveling to! 


Read on to find out what items we recommend investing in before you book your flight for your next travel adventure.



1. Packing Cubes

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For always and forever, you will be grateful that you invested in packing cubes. They don't have to be super fancy, you can probably find some at a Target or Ross. These light weight cubes are useful for keeping your small items separated and organized, and they can be easily washed afterwards. Use them for your toiletries, makeup, undergarments, shoes, etc. (Approximate price: $10 - $50). 



2. Battery Pack 

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You never know when you might run out of phone battery while you're traveling and when you're on the go, it's hard to predict when you'll come across a plug to recharge. Invest in a battery pack and you'll be able to recharge your electronic devices anywhere you go. They're usually quite sturdy too and built to hold charge for several days or even weeks. (Approximate price: $30+) 



3. Passport / ID Holder 

Here's an easy way to keep your important things safe and organized. A slim, stylish passport holder won't take up much space in your backpack or purse, and will help you keep important documents accessible. A passport holder or ID organizer is never regretted! (Approximate price: $10+)



4. Reusable Water Bottle 

Stay hydrated (for free!) by filling up your reusable water at fill stations at the airport, restaurants and hotels. Not only will this make it easier to stay hydrated during your travels, but it will also save you money while being more environmentally friendly by preventing you from purchasing a bunch of plastic bottles along the way. (Approximate price: $10+)



5. Universal Travel Adapter 

If you're traveling internationally at any point, you will need one of these to keep any electronics charged. You're better off purchasing it beforehand so that you don't have to struggle to find it locally. Universal adapters  in most countries and are small and portable. (Approximate price: $10+)


There you have it! Simple, portable and affordable, these are some of the most useful travel accessories you can invest your money in before going on your next adventure. For more ideas on what to pack before heading out to explore more of the world, check out our other blog posts or browse our upcoming trips for inspiration! 




















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