Bottom Line

The time to visit Cuba is NOW. It is a mesmerizing, thought-provoking place with a complicated past and extraordinary present. A trip here feels a bit like going back in time but it won't stay that way for long. 


Our educational trip here seeks to support the Cuban people by understanding the passion and the struggle of the Cuban people as we dive deep into Cuban history and it's newly developing entrepreneur scene. In five days, you'll converse with local artists, dance salsa, meet with tobacco farmers, and begin to understand the beauty of Cubaneo. 

What to Expect

Cuba can be a difficult and unpredictable place to navigate. Luckily, you're going with us so we'll deal with any necessary contingencies while you focus on absorbing all things Cuban. This trip has a full itinerary packed with interactions with local Cubans. This is one of our most culture-infused trips with many curated experiences that go deep into Cuban heritage and paint an unfiltered picture of the country's past, present, and future. There is no place like Cuba. 

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​Cuba is an island packed with an interesting political history and vibrant people with a great love for music and dancing.  Located in the northern Caribbean, Cuba is culturally considered to be part of Latin America and is known for it's colonial architecture, welcoming locals, and legendary cigars. The beautiful areas we will visit, including Viñales and Havana, all offer unique experiences that help you to fully immerse into the rich culture. 


2019 Dates Coming Soon!

All payments can be broken up into a $500 deposit + 3 equal installments.

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  • Cruise the streets of Havana in an classic convertible car

  • See Centro Habana through the eyes of a young local artist, including home visits

  • Experience Havana's incredible Fabrica de Arte Cubana

  • Take in Viñales' lush landscapes 

  • Learn to roll your own cigars

  • Enjoy an lunch at an organic, 100% sustainable farm

  • Learn to salsa from one of Cuba's most talented dancers

  • Dance the night away at Havana's best nightclub

  • Learn about Cuba's past and present

  • Enjoy sunset mojitos on a private terrace

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  • All accommodation in private villa in Havana

  • Pick-up and transfer from airport to villa

  • Dedicated private transportation for 12 hours daily

  • All breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners

  • Welcome mojitos on private terrace (with live music)

  • Convertible car tour of Havana

  • Walk of Centro Habana with a local artist

  • VIP entrance to Fabrica de Arte Cubano

  • Day trip to Viñales

  • Cigar rolling demonstration

  • Private pig roast

  • Salsa lessons in private studio

  • Entrance to salsa club

  • A full schedule that is compliant with US travel restrictions under the Support for the Cuban People travel exception

  • Required record keeping on your behalf for five years

  • Dedicated local host offering assistance, guidance and wisdom


  • Flights (fly into and out of Havana Airport)

  • Visa for Cuba (purchased at departing airport, budget $50-100 depending on airline)

  • Mandatory trip insurance (budget approx. $50)

  • Meals not mentioned (budget $50-100)

  • Incidental Expenses

  • Optional activities

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day by day

Day 1 - Havana

Arrive in Havana by 2pm to be escorted to your centrally located villa (or penthouse) in the heart of Havana.


Take some time to settle in, or choose to explore the surrounding area a little on your own. We will meet up at 6:30pm for mojitos, live local Cuban music, and a spectacular view of the city from our private terrace in Old Havana- a perfect way to kick off our trip to Cuba!

After sunset, we will make our way to our first dinner together at one of Havana's most beautiful and historic restaurants. Spend time getting to know your new trip mates over a delicious Cuban meal, and see where the night takes us.


Day 2 - Havana

Have an early breakfast before we start a culturally immersive day.


At around 9am, we will hop into some classic 1950's convertible cars and cruise throughout Havana's historic neighborhoods. We'll have time to grab some lunch at one of our favorite hidden hole-in-the-wall paladares, before exploring Centro Habana with a young Cuban artist. We will learn about the entrepreneurial art scene in Havana through this local's eyes.

After a full afternoon, head back to the villa to freshen up and get ready for a fun dinner. Our late dinner will be held at one of Havana's newest and trendiest restaurants, located inside the famous Fabrica de Arte Cubano. Take advantage of the VIP seating and explore the thought-provoking art that this Cuban installation has to offer. 


Day 3 - Viñales
cigar country

Today, we will take a day trip to the quaint Cuban town called Viñales, a World Heritage designation that is located in the valley between the tobacco farms and limestone cliffs. 

On our drive, we will stop for a fresh lunch at an organic farm and take in the stunning views of Viñales. When we arrive in the Tobacco Country, we will visit the home of a local family to learn about their lives and then we will have the unique opportunity to tour the farm via an oxcart ride. We will also learn about the technique of rolling cigars from a local Cuban farmer. 

After a long day, we will return to Havana in the evening where a traditional Cuban feast will be waiting for you at the villa.


Day 4 - Havana

This morning you have the option of joining a bike tour of Havana for some fresh air and unique sites of Havana. Biking not for you?  Ask your driver to take you to learn about Havana's famous Fusterlandia.



Morning Bike Tour - $40

The afternoon should be spent visiting historical sites in Havana. Make sure you ask your trip manager for suggestions and have fun interacting with the locals.

At 5pm, meet back up with the group to learn how to dance Salsa, led by one of Havana's best dancers.

Tonight we will come together for our last group dinner at a beautiful seaside paladar. After a tasty meal and a couple drinks, we will head to one of the local's favorite spots, and put our salsa dancing skills to the test. Cue the Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights soundtrack...


Cuba, where wine is flowing,

And where dark eyed Stellas 

Light their fella's panatellas.

(I'll See You In) Cuba

Day 5 - Havana

Unless you decide Cuba is better than work and refuse to leave, this is your last day in Cuba. Sad!


To make the most of it, you have a private driver available for any last day educational activities. He or she will then drop you off at the airport for your flight.


We recommend booking flights for later in the day, allowing you to continue to explore the city of Havana today.


Fly out of Havana Airport . Also, you'll want to arrive to the airport at least 2.5 hours before your flight as wait times can be unpredictable in Havana.






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Cuba travel tour for young professionals and young adults

Cuba has the highest doctor to patient ratio in the world and is known for having one of the best healthcare system in the world.

People to people tour for young professionals and young adults

The average Cuban salary equates to only about $29.60 per month.

Lega cuba travel for young professionals an young adults

The only cars that Cuban citizens can legally own are cars created and bought before 1959. All newer cars are owned by the government.


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  • The national language is Spanish

  • The two national currencies are Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) and Cuban Peso (CUP). Most service industries will operate in CUC, which is close to the US dollar. Places off the beaten track will also accept the local CUP, which is of a lower value.

  • In restaurants and hotels you may add a 10% tip in CUC if there is no service charge

  • The closest airport is José Martí International Airport (HAV)

  • Bottled water is your best bet for staying healthy

  • Tourist Visas (tourist cards) are required for travelers 

  • Double check your passport is valid for 6-months after your return date

  • Cuba is on the Coordinated Universal Time Zone

  • Outlets and voltages are identical to USA


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  • Travel to Cuba is legal under the Support for the Cuban People exception provided you have a full schedule of activities that enhance contact with the Cuban People. We have designed this trip to have as much contact with the Cuban people as possible and be totally compliant with US travel restrictions. 

  • Plan to be digitally disconnected on this trip. Roaming in Cuba is outrageously expensive and wifi is hard to come by. 

  • You need a visa to enter Cuba, which can be purchased at your departing airport for $50 (except for American Airlines charges $100). Please have your the pre-departure packet we give you printed out.

  • Due to the nature of legal travel to Cuba, this trip is more activity-packed and all-inclusive, which is why the per-day cost is higher than most of our trips. The good news is you most likely won't spend more than an extra $100 for the whole trip.