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Image by Alex Gutiérrez


Our small group trip to Oaxaca caters to travelers in their 20s and 30s looking for cultural authenticity in Oaxaca de Juárez, ancient history in Monte Albán, and traditional arts in Teotitlán del Valle.

On this five-day expedition through rugged southwestern Mexico, you’ll discover a region brimming with color where lively festivals and some of the nation’s friendliest locals fill streets frozen in time as pine foothills loom in the distance.


You’ll hike the Sierra Madres one day and devour tlayudas, tamales, and mole the next. This is a different kind of Mexico, one far removed from the well-trodden tourist trail, focused on local life and traditions passed down for more than 1,000 years.

5 days/4 nights

starting at $1,899 USD

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Payment can be broken down into a $500 deposit + 3 additional installments.


  • 4 nights in Oaxaca

  • All accommodations in a shared room with one other person with the option to upgrade to a private room (limited availability)

  • 4 breakfasts at the hotel

  • 3 lunches (One with a local family)

  • 2 dinners (Welcome and farewell)

  • Welcome drinks with rooftop views

  • Walking tour of Oaxaca, a UNESCO Heritage Site

  • Day trip and hike to petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua

  • Weaving demonstration in Teotitlán

  • Authentic Oaxacan cuisine cooking class

  • Tour of Monte Albán with an archeologist

  • Mezcal tasting at a traditional farm and distillery

  • FTLO Trip Leader

*All activities are weather dependent; in the unlikely event that we are unable to run an activity, we will have a suitable alternative in place.

not included

  • Flights to and from Oaxaca

  • Mandatory trip insurance

  • Meals not mentioned (budget around $150)

  • Incidental expenses

Day by day

Day by day 

*Itinerary is indicative and is subject to change

Day 1 – Oaxaca City
welcome to Oaxaca

After dropping your bags at your hotel, meet up with the rest of the crew and get ready for one exciting adventure.

You’ll get the low down on this city, region, and ancient culture from a local guide as you make the short walk over to grab drinks with one hell of a view. And by ancient, we do mean ancient—we’re talking about a region inhabited for thousands of years. Yeah, it’s a lot to wrap your head around.

Kick back with your first mezcal of the week and marvel at the scenery as you learn about the Zapotecs, the Aztecs, and Spanish colonization. After that, you’ll head out for your first bite of Oaxaca with the team.

Travelers on the Oaxaca trip walk down a colorful street.


  Day 2 – Oaxaca City / Teotitlán
Colorful culture

Get up early and grab breakfast on the way to the Sierra Madre Mountains to check out Hierve el Agua.

After a bit of a hike through tough terrain, you’ll discover that what looks like a towering waterfall is actually a calcified rock formation spilling out from minty green hilltop springs. Make sure to bring a swimsuit; you’re more than welcome to pop in one of nature’s infinity pools and soak up some of the region’s most impressive panoramic views.


Up next, you’re hitting the road and heading to Teotitlán, a village founded by indigenous Zapotec people in the 1400s. Grab lunch with a local family and learn the ins and outs of the arts and culture that have made this place famous. That afternoon, you’ll head back to Oaxaca City, where the evening is free for you to explore with friends.

A girl walks past a natural pool at Hierve el Agua.


Day 3  – Oaxaca City
Taste of the town


Get up and grab breakfast with friends at the hotel; you’ve got quite the day ahead. Today, you’re heading into the kitchen to cook as a Oaxacan.

And you’re not just learning about traditional ingredients and spices (though we assure you, those are delicious); you’re also giving it a go with traditional Oaxacan culinary tools.

After fueling up on local grub, it’s time to jet off to the past over at Monte Albán with our archeologist guide for a sunset tour of the 2500-year-old pyramids and palaces that once made up Oaxaca’s political, social, and economic center. Eat through the present, walk through the past, then kick back in the evening and relax with the crew.

An octopus dish in Oaxaca City.



Take the morning to wander Oaxaca’s magical mural-lined streets before we roll out for a tasty excursion to discover the state’s most famous export. Queue up the mezcal.

More than 70% of Mexico’s mezcal comes from the Oaxaca region, and today, you’ll be discovering exactly why. After lunch at a nearby distillery or “palenque,” we’ll be diving into the production process from agave plant through that beautiful finished product. So don’t be shy; give those homemade goods a go and discover the magic of mezcal.


In the afternoon, check out a few of the local markets in Oaxaca’s historic center before we all meet up for a final farewell dinner.


Day 4 – Oaxaca City
Mmm Mezcal
Shots of mezcal in Mexico.



Hit the hotel breakfast one last time with your crew, and then hit the road back to the real world. If you’re headed back home, remember Oaxaca’s only a short flight away, so come back soon.

If you’ve got some more time on your hands, well, you’re in luck. From mountains to sea, there’s plenty more to explore in the region, so keep on going.


Adios amigos!

Day 5 – Oaxaca City
Hasta Luego

"Art is a means of expression that must be understood by everybody, everywhere. It grows out of the earth, the textures of our lives, and our experience.”

– Rufino Tamayo



Fast facts


When we say Oaxaca is old, we mean it. It’s been inhabited since 11,000 B.C.

There are 16 indigenous groups in Oaxaca. That’s more than any other state in Mexico.

In Oaxaca, on December 23rd giant radishes are carved into characters as part of radish scenes. The Night of the Radishes was made official in 1897.


  • While we can’t guarantee private rooms, you should book your trip earlier if you prefer one, as they usually fill up.

  • Pack carefully; the highs in Oaxaca reach into the 80s every month of the year, but nights can be chilly as the city sits a mile high.

  • Mezcal is part of the Oaxaca experience, but you’ll never need to drink if you don’t want to.

  • This is an "active trip" with a fair amount of walking.

  • More information regarding visa requirements and Covid restrictions can be found here.

About Oaxaca

Oaxaca de Juárez is the capital of the state of Oaxaca in southwestern Mexico, though sometimes it’s referred to as Oaxaca City or just Oaxaca. Although both Oaxaca and Mexico City are known for their cuisine, history, and local culture, Oaxaca City couldn’t be farther from the Mexican capital. The streets are calm, the buildings are short, and the culture is much more relaxed in general.


  • Oaxaca is one of the safest cities and states in all of Mexico.

  • The Mexican peso is the currency.

  • While Spanish is spoken by the vast majority of those in Oaxaca, there are 16 indigenous languages spoken in the region as well.

  • Certified legal mezcal can only be produced in ten Mexican states; the Oaxacan product is by far the most well-known.

  • The city of Oaxaca and nearby Monte Albán were designated UNESCO Heritage Sites in 1987.




Fly into Oaxaca City (OAX)

Arrive by 2pm on day 1 and grab a cab to the hotel. (Pro tip: look into roundtrip flights to Mexico City and then take a domestic flight to  Oaxaca City to save some $$). We do recommend flying in earlier to have some time to explore the city on your own!

Fly out of Oaxaca City (OAX)

Feel free to leave whenever you like on day 5. 

Want to check out flights for your trip?

Feel free to also set up flight alerts to Oaxaca City so you can grab the best deal!

*FTLO is not responsible for any fees or costs related to flights. We strongly suggest that all travelers wait until they receive the official FTLO Greenlight Email to book flights. This will be sent 3-4 months prior to the start date of your trip.

Image by Matthew Essman

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