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About FAQs
What is FTLO?

1. what is ftlo all about?

The name pretty much sums it up. We started For The Love of Travel, for the love of travel - for the incredible, life-changing experiences, the magical moments, the forever memories, and the endless smiles that traveling creates. And we wanted to make it easier for busy young people to do more of it in an authentic, sustainable way.


Travel isn't something you can only do on a gap year or when you're retired. We see it as an integral part of life- a necessary and continuing education that deserves as much devotion as academia.


We curate fun, well-rounded itineraries and take care of the major details to give you more time to explore, experience, learn and connect with the people around you and places you're in. That way, you can have an authentic cultural experience and a vacation.

Why join FTLO?

2. Why join an FTLO trip?

Fun. You'll be spending a week or moreexploring a foreign country while getting to know a bunch of cool people your age. It's a blast.

Hassle-free. We've already taken care of the logistics so you don't have to spend hours planning or waste your vacation time dealing with unforeseen issues, spending money you didn't budget for, or stressing about, well, anything.

Insider knowledge. We already know the best spots, how to get there, and what's cool about them. This means you don't have to spend your time abroad on your phone looking up Yelp reviews and reading Wikipedia.

A crew. Solo travel is great but it's a blast to travel with a group of fun people. At the same time, we know how hard it is to plan international travel with friends. Between varying work schedules, budgets, and personalities, it can be super frustrating to try to organize trips with multiple people. Going on an FTLO trip means you'll be traveling with up to 14 people around your age, all open to meeting new friends, trying new things, and having a good time.

No pressure. FTLO allows you to travel with a group of people without the pressure of feeling like you have to do everything together. You can spend the whole day wandering around by yourself and still have people to get dinner with at the end of the day. Even if you sign up with friends, it's easier for you to break away on your own for a bit in a group setting like this.

3. Who goes on FTLO trips?

Our trips are designed for individuals aged 25-39 who are looking to travel more and meet like-minded people along the way.


We get a lot of questions about who goes on our trips so here is breakdown of what to expect:


  • Average age: 30 (most fall between 27 and 34)

  • 80% go alone

  • 70-80% women, 20-30% men (Note: the ratio really doesn't affect overall trip enjoyment!)

  • 60% say they are single and looking to mingle

  • 75% live in big cities

  • 100% want to travel and meet new people


The most important thing to know is that everyone on our trips chooses to be there, so you already know they are most likely outgoing, open to new experiences, looking to meet new people, and ready to have a good time.

FTLO Community

4. What's up with Gal spots and Guy spots?

We do this for rooming planning purposes and to strive for a balanced mix on our trips, which is why we hold a certain number of spots for those who tends to book later (ahem, guys). That said, we have little control over the final ratio and do open up guy spots to gals (and vice versa) the closer we get to the departure date. If spots are sold out, we definitely recommend signing up for the waitlist!

Note: We welcome all genders on our trips. For anyone who doesn't fall into the guy/gal categories, please know this distinction is mainly to help us plan accommodations so just select the option you would feel more comfortable rooming with. 

Note: At the end of the day, the gender makeup really doesn't affect trip enjoyment. There are always locals to flirt with if that's what you're looking for :)

Gal and Guy spots

5. Is an FTLO Trip right for me?

Our trips are right for you if:

  • You're social, independent, curious, and fun-loving

  • You're interested in getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things

  • You can go with the flow, even when the unexpected occurs

  • You’re inclusive and enjoy meeting new people


Our trips are not right for you if:

  • You're difficult, rude, or mean

  • You complain a lot

  • You’re disrespectful or dismissive of other cultures

  • You have severe social anxiety

  • You're not open to new experiences

is FTLO right for you

6. Are these luxury trips?

No, our trips are not luxury, but they're not budget either. We're right in the middle, with enough experience to know when it makes sense to save and when it's worth it to splurge. (i.e. we might stay in a more basic hotel for a couple of nights so we can include a Michelin worthy meal and a private catamaran ride).

Is this a luxury trip
Group size?

7. How big are groups?

FTLO trips run with between 5 and 15 people and have an average group size of 10. We cap the number of people on each trip to cultivate a sense of community without making you feel like you're part of a herd. Plus, smaller numbers allow us to assimilate more easily into the local community.

8. Are FTLO trips suitable for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

At FTLO, we believe that acceptance and inclusivity are paramount when it comes to travel. We appreciate that our diverse community of travelers includes individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community, and we want travelers of all sexual orientations and gender identities to feel comfortable and respected throughout their journey.

With that said, we encourage you to stay informed about LGBTQIA+ rights in the destinations you plan to visit, as they may differ from one country to the next. The unfortunate reality is that not every region of the world is as welcoming as we would like. We recommend visiting Equaldex for information regarding LGBTQIA+-related laws around the globe.

On trips, FTLO has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, verbal or physical abuse, and sexual harassment. If you encounter any inappropriate behavior during your trip (from fellow travelers, leaders, or partners), please immediately inform your trip leader or FTLO HQ through the pre-departure hub our operations email -

For roommate pairings, we pair you based on the spot type you select in your booking form (gal or guy). We also have single room supplements available for each trip (except the South Africa trip) if you would prefer a single room. This can be added to your order during the checkout process. If you have specific questions about rooming before you book a trip, please reach out to one of our community managers at

We believe that by fostering an environment of respect and understanding, we can enhance the joy and connection that comes from exploring the world together.


9. Ok, I'm in. Now what?

Great! Once you've decided which trip you want to join, click the "book" button on the trip page. This will take you to a secure embedded booking page run by Rezdy, a booking software company. Here you can enter your info, pick your optionals, and click "BOOK." All booking are submitted on a conditional basis, meaning your trip is not confirmed until we have approved you and received your payment (deposit or full). Once you're confirmed, you will receive an email from us with next steps.


If you pay in full, your spot and price are guaranteed and you're set! If you only want to pay the deposit initially, you will receive automatic payment requests at 90 days, 60 days, and 30 days before the trip. If you don't pay in full up front, your trip price is not set in stone and we reserve the right to increase the cost up to 3% of trip total to account for changes in the exchange rate of the places we visit.


Do NOT book your flights until you get a green light from us, and make sure to check the trip details to see if you need to arrive by a certain time.


We'll be sending you lots of reminders leading up to the trip so you're well prepared.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email or text. If you'd like to talk with someone before booking, let us know and we'll schedule a call!

Now what?

questions about covid?

Check out our Covid FAQs page.

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