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FTLO Trips are more than excursions to new countries, they’re about embracing cultures, forging connections, and creating memories that last a lifetime. To ensure that every traveler's experience is truly exceptional, we kindly ask you to agree to our traveler pledge. By adhering to these guidelines, we can collectively contribute to an enriching adventure for all.

The ftlo

traveler pledge

I will come into this experience with an open mind, and respect local cultures and the environment

I will refrain from making disparaging comments about things that are different from what I am accustomed to. I will respect the natural environment, following any guidelines for responsible and sustainable travel, and endeavor to leave a positive impact on the places we visit.

I will respect my travel mates and promote inclusivity.

I acknowledge that everyone comes from different walks of life, and part of my commitment to group travel is to treat everyone with respect and foster a welcoming and safe travel environment. I will contribute to a positive and inclusive atmosphere throughout the trip, avoiding negativity and fostering a harmonious environment for everyone. I also understand that this trip is not only my vacation but also the vacation of others, and I will strive to be punctual and considerate of everyone's time.

I will respect my Trip Leader.

I understand that my FTLO Trip Leader is entrusted with the comfort and well-being of all travelers in our group. I agree to recognize their expertise and follow their instructions in order to help create a safe, harmonious and well-managed environment that allows everyone to have a memorable and enriching travel experience. I understand that failing to follow my Trip Leader’s instructions may jeopardize my safety, the safety of others, or impact the overall experience, which can result in immediate removal from the trip with just cause and at their sole discretion.

I will not engage in harassment or unwanted physical contact.

I support FTLO in its objective to create a respectful and inclusive environment for all, and in its condemnation of all forms of violence, sexual harassment, racism, and bigotry. I will refrain from using inappropriate, aggressive, or offensive language or behavior in all circumstances, regardless of whether it is verbal, physical, emotional, visual, online, or in any other form. I understand that engaging in or enabling any of these behaviors is strictly prohibited, and any violation may result in immediate removal from the trip. I understand that FTLO considers any discrimination based on race, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender (including sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression), age, disability, ethnic origin, political affiliation, or any other reason as harassment under this Code of Conduct. I understand that if I experience or witness any harassment or unwanted physical conduct and wish to report the incident, I should inform the Trip Leader or another FTLO staff member as soon as possible.

I will not engage in illegal activities and forbidden substances.

I will uphold legal and ethical standards throughout the trip. I will not engage in any illegal activities, or use any substances that are prohibited by the laws of the destinations we visit. Furthermore, I will abide by FTLO’s no-drug policy, with the exception of any necessary medication that I have been prescribed by a medical professional. However, I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my use of any such prescription medication and my use thereof complies  with the local laws and regulations of the destinations we visit. I understand that violating the law not only goes against this Code of Conduct and can negatively impact not only myself and other travelers, but can also have serious consequences, including but not limited to arrest and criminal charges for which FTLO shall bear no responsibility.

I will drink responsibly.

I recognize the importance of responsible drinking and commit to upholding this principle throughout the trip. By doing so, I aim to create an environment that promotes not only personal safety but also the enjoyment and comfort of all participants.

I will take precautions to avoid illness.

I will take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of illness and follow any recommended health guidelines provided by the trip organizers or local authorities. I will inform the group leader if I am feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms of illness.

I will not be on my cell phone at the table during meals.

Within reason, I will refrain from using my phone or other electronic device at the dining table.  (Ex: Taking pictures is totally allowed! Instagram not so much  ) In case of an emergency, I will excuse myself from the table to handle or resolve in a manner that causes the least disruption to others.

By signing this Traveler Pledge, I commit to upholding these principles and ensuring a respectful and enjoyable travel experience for myself, my fellow travelers, and the communities we engage with.

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