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Best Cultural Experiences to Have On Vacation

While it's comfortable to travel somewhere similar to your own home turf, it's also great to step outside the box and experience a different culture. One of the best parts about traveling is that you get to be in a totally new city surrounded by new rituals, people, and landscapes.

Culture vacations can help you experience the world in a different way and develop a deeper understanding of local life and authentic experiences. Immerse yourself into a new environment by cooking the regional cuisine, drinking at a popular dive bar, or cheering on the home team. For those wanting a more mellow escape, consider listening to regional music or visiting a marketplace with fresh local fruits and veggies.

Here's a list of experiences to try on your next vacation:

1. Cooking Class

Making tacos in Mexico | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

What better way to experience the local cuisine than by taking a cooking class? Learning how to make fresh 'za in Italy, crafting fish tacos in Mexico, or catching lobster in Maine are sure ways to top any meal back at home and ultimate culture vacations. You're bound to have oodles of fun while your local chef enthralls you with the history of his or her country and the nuances of their cuisine. Plus, the recipes you learn will let you relive your experience when back home. Find your perfect fit here.

2. SpeakEasy/Local Bar

Girls with cocktails | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Drinking to experience the city? Yes, please. Pop into a local bar for a refreshing beer on tap or a craft cocktail native to the area. Enjoy some liqueur-infused "people watching" while trying to blend in as a local. There's no cooler feeling than sipping a craft cocktail in a historic tavern or low-key speakeasy in another country.

3. Sporting Event

Sports events while traveling | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

If you're a sports fanatic, going to a local sporting event can transform any vacation from a good experience to an amazing one. With options like rugby, soccer, golf or hockey, you'll feel like a true local in no time. In our opinion, these are some of the best cultural tripes. Watch an exciting game with friends or strangers. Who knows who you could meet. While the men may deny it, we all know that sporting events are a way to bring out your social side and an excuse to drink something. Here are the top 10 best bucket list sporting events. Game on.

4. Musical Performance

Musical performances while traveling | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

What's more fun than dancing to some music and drinking some cocktails with a group of friends in a new city? Well, quite frankly, nothing. Which is why going to a concert or musical performance while traveling is a must. These are some of the best cultural trips in the world. Whether it's Mozart concert in Italy, a mariachi concert in Mexico, or a Jimmy Buffett concert in Key West, you're bound to learn about the city's culture and music scene. Music festivals are also a good option and allow you to see multiple artists over a course of a couple days. Here are the best music festivals around the world.

5. Visit A Marketplace

Fruits at Farmer's Market | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Do your grocery shopping when traveling by going to local markets. Not only is it fun to be outside and have great views with shopping, but you'll also get a taste of the local delicacies. Crisp produce, freshly-cut meats, and artisan goods are just a few of the tasty things friendly vendors are waiting to sell you. Whether it's the maple syrup from Vermont, avocados in California, or fresh pasta in Italy, you're bound to get something delicious while exploring the food scene. Here are the top 10 food markets around the world.

Diving in to a new culture helps you expand your global perspective and experience new customs. It allows you to see what life is like somewhere else and step outside the norm. You might even learn a new skill and bring it back home with you (think authentic-style Italian pizza every night). In the end it's all about what's more meaningful, interesting, and memorable and for us that's certainly culture vacations!

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