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7 Cities to Visit While You’re Still Single

Once you get tied down, getting tied up in some of the liveliest and entertaining capitals across the globe will be a challenge. Let's be honest, some places are a lot more fun when you don’t have a boyfriend, babies, or family members tagging along. Heading to Vegas with your grandparents is going to be a lot different than when you went with the girls.

Before your curfew falls in the PM zone and you can't (innocently) flirt with a foreign fling, take advantage of your single life in some of the best cities the world has to offer.

So what are the best cities to visit while single? Read on.

Las Vegas

Vegas traveling in your 20s |FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

This one is obvious but it wouldn't be a "cities for singles" list without it. Las Vegas was made for an epic night (or day!) on the town. This adult playground was designed for people of all ages to mix and mingle with other dressed-up singles. From pool parties to table service, the venue choices are as endless as the Tinder swipes. Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Barcelona traveling in your 20s | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Beaches, siesta, vino tinto, paella... we could go on. There is a lot to love about Barcelona. As the party capital of Europe, single ladies and gents from around the world come to catch the action in this trendy and sometimes wild party metropolis. It's true, the clubs don't close until 6am and the friendly international crowd only gets friendlier as the night goes on. Brush up on a few Catalan words and you’ll be making friends (and maybe more) everywhere you go.


| Traveling in your 20s to Europe | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Stockholm is known for being an, ahem, attractive place. Well folks the rumors are true. Not a foreign languages person? No problem. Stockholmers, like most, of Scandinavia, speak near perfect English. Move to the rhythm in the various EDM scenes or ogle the fashionable styles on (and off) the cobbled streets. Stockholm’s friendly spirit is the perfect place to chat, meet new people, and find love (if only for a few days). Whether you want to chill out in the international Mälarpaviljongen or mind-blowing Marie Laveau, the places you’ll go is up to you. There’s even an outside venue where you can dance the night away under a bridge!


Traveling to Rio de Janeiro in your 20s | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Samba dancing and carnival atmosphere? Sign us up. Rio continues to bring the heat, and we don’t just mean the temperature. Work on your tan next to bronzed babes or catch some eye candy at Christ the Redeemer. For the party scene, Rio's famous Lapa neighborhood is waiting for you to dive in. Hot tip: before spending a small fortune on drinks, hit up the street vendors who are stocked with cheap beer, tequila shots and snacks. Who knows, you might just meet a sexy soccer player.

Traveling internationally | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals


The eye-catching, medieval scenery won’t be the only thing vying for your attention. With plenty of friendly

fellow travelers and sweet, chatty (not to mention, gorgeous) locals, the only problem you'll have is choosing who to talk to. Hot locals aside, Prague's dramatic beauty sets the stage for romance. From the charming Old Town Square, rich with architecture, to grassy Petrin Hil, it's hard to imagine not falling in love in (or with) Prague.


Romantic vespas rides around the Colosseum more your thing? Rome awaits. Italian men are known for their dashing looks but the women in Rome easily rival them. Dressed to the nines and always ready to see and be seen, the Romans love to socialize. For great people watching, head to Piazza Navona To meet other social young professionals, check out the Italian happy hour, called Aperitivo. If clubs aren't your thing, finish the night in Rome's infamous late-night Irish Pub, Scholars Lounge. Alternatively, for a fun night out, ask the expat tour guides where to go. They're generally super friendly and happy to show you around. Some of them are even quite attractive...


Traveling to Hava in your 20s | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

With Cuba reopening to Americans, travel back to an era of old cars and gentlemanly charm. What you may not know is that this is one of the top party destinations in the world. You don’t need to head to a club to feel the night come alive; grab a bottle of rum, your favorite tunes and head to a fun outside location. More than likely you’ll begin your own party within the hour. Is it any wonder why Dirty Dancing filmed their sequel here? Nobody puts baby in a corner, especially not in intoxicating Havana.

Partying and drinking are all good and fine; just make sure you are safe and keep all of your important things close to you at all times. Be smart and be safe. Nothing ruins a vacation more than a lost wallet and passport. Happy partying!

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