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Top 10 Cities for Solo Women Travelers

Alright ladies, we’ve all been there. We all lust to explore beyond the fences of our own home; we dream of gorgeous destinations to satisfy our wanderlust; we even have our clothes, our luggage (with a couple of never-been-used luggage tags), and our Canon Rebel T6 ready to go...but with *zero* inkling of where to go. Wanderlust is no stranger to us, but when it comes down to planning our travels, we can’t help but feel internal doubts. Is it safe? Can I afford it? Do I really want to go?

The answer is YES, YES, AND YES! Book your ticket, pack your luggage and let's get to traveling!

Here are 10 cities that have been traveled through by thousands of trailblazing women before you, and that, no doubt, are ready for you to take them on.

1. Rome, Italy

Group travel to Rome | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

There's no place on the planet that comes close to evoking the history and magic of Rome, with its iconic and centuries-old structures, like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Trevi Fountain. There's so much to see in Rome, and lots to do on your own. Enjoy a day stroll through the city and take in the views of the magnificent architecture, stumble upon street musicians, enjoy a gelato (at any time of the day), and in the evening, eat all the pasta and drink your favorite wine.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Group travel to Amsterdam | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Known for its chill lifestyle, this city is a must-see for any lone traveler. Known as “Venice of the North” for its many canals, this city provides a liberal, romantic feel and offers a wealth of activities for anyone to do - from exploring its unique culture and nightlife, to trying out new food. Plus, the Old Centre is always a great place to visit for that coffee craving or the Plantage for museum enthusiasts out there! It's also a huge favorite for many single explorers!

3. Melbourne, Australia

Group travel to Australia | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

If you’re looking to explore out of the Northern Hemisphere, try out Melbourne! From its sizzling beaches with summertime weather to galleries and museums, this city will leave you glowing and relaxed, and is definitely one for the solo books!

4. Vienna, Austria

Group travel to Europe | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Do we need any other reason besides Beethoven? This place is home to rich history and gorgeous art. It is also an attraction for many solo travelers and considered to be relatively safe and easy to explore.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Group travel to Europe | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Hmm, can we say gorgeous?! Its cobblestone roads and Portuguese charm make traveling solo much more fun. Plus, the people here are friendly and the city thrives off its contemporary culture. Lisbon is a must-see (especially for the foodie!). Plus, let us not forget about the wine to top it all off!

6. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Group travel to Southeast Asia | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Chiang Mai is one of Southeast Asia’s gems! From its temples to relaxing accommodations in the midst of a mountainous region, this is an amazing choice for any solo backpacker. It is super affordable with tons of inexpensive food options and truly radiates a cultured ambiance with fellow travelers.

7. Reykjavik, Iceland

Group travel to Iceland | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Iceland has been a total hot spot and a favorite for many first-time travelers! This city is no stranger to solo travel, so you'll have no problem meeting new people. It is also particularly solo traveler-friendly due to its locals and an abundance of travelers. Aside from its history, the city is small, so it is easy for navigating. Visiting the Blue Lagoon is also a MUST for any female traveler, since it works like a geothermal spa!

8. Vancouver, Canada

Travel to Vancouver, Canada | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

Known for its nature and coastal beauty, Vancouver (amongst other places in Canada) offers multiculturalism for the solo traveler. Places such as The Vancouver Art Gallery or the Vancouver Aquarium offer beautiful photo ops in addition to its landscapes! You can take a nice walk and/or hike to get a brief travel workout in too!

9. Budapest, Hungary

Group travel to Europe | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

There is something about European cities and their architecture that really appeals to many! For those avid spa-goers, this place has thermal baths, and for the art lovers, the National Gallery at the Royal Palace is astounding. This city makes for a wonderful travel destination not only for its stunning sights but for its safety as well.

10. Anywhere local / nearby

Group travel for young people | FTLO Travel | Group Trips for Young Professionals

And lastly, as vague as this is, starting off locally is always a great idea. If you look up places nearby within driving distance, that's usually a great place to start. Or check out local national parks, state parks and popular hikes. That way, you won’t have to worry about booking flights or drafting up an itinerary (how convenient!).

*Quick tip - Opt for hostels. They are not only a cheaper alternative, but they are also offer warm bonding experiences with other solo travelers - experiences you can’t get from hotels or Airbnbs.

Travel is one of the most valuable investments and the experience is always worth more than every penny spent. Happy traveling!

Interested in traveling with a group of inspired, young professionals who also want to see more of the world? Check out our upcoming group trips for 2019 and join us for a new adventure!

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