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How to Have a Work-Free Vacation

Guest Author: Shelly Crossland

No matter how much we love our jobs, when we’re traveling for pleasure, work can really hinder our experience. Not only does it stop us from fully living in the moment, but it also adds stress to what should be a time of fun and relaxation. So how does one achieve this much sought-after work-free vacation? Glad you asked! Though it’s not a fool-proof plan, the following tips should be a good start in helping you leave your work behind next time you travel.

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Timing is everything

When planning your vacations, pay attention to big deadlines or busy seasons, and try to take your vacation during a slower time at work. You won’t be as tempted to check in during your vacation if you know it’s not too busy back at the office. You could also plan a trip right after you finish a big project to reward yourself for a job well done! That way you’ll feel like you really deserve the time away from work.

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Plan (and work) ahead

Once you’ve booked your trip and marked your calendar, take some time to plan out how you can work ahead in the weeks or months leading up to your time off, in order to get all important tasks completed before your trip. Just think, if you put in some extra hours, you can fully enjoy your time off knowing a massive to-do list isn't waiting for you when you return!

Communication is key

Communicate with your manager to make sure she or he knows you’ll be taking time off, and that you don’t plan to work during your vacation. Share how you’ve worked ahead, and have everything set for the time you’re gone. You should also talk to anyone who may have to cover for you, and make sure to leave them detailed instructions on what you need them to do while you’re gone.

Don’t be afraid to unplug

It can be tempting to bring your laptop with you and check your email every now and then, or even get a few things done here and there. However, if you truly want to achieve a work-free vacation... resist the urge! Leave your work laptop at home, and remove your work email from your phone so you don’t get tempted to check in. If you've communicated properly, your co-workers will have you covered and won’t need you to respond to emails until you return.


We know it can be stressful to have someone out of the office but EVERYONE needs a break sometimes. Avoid workplace vacation shame by supporting each other to take all of your PTO and get out to explore and de-stress.

We hope these tips help you plan and execute the perfect work-free vacation! Perhaps you'll want to start by browsing FTLO 2019 international trips to see what type of trip works best for your personal timeline. Leave a comment and let us know what you do to leave your work behind when you travel.

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