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10 Best Travel Snacks 2019

With long flights, early mornings, and sometimes very little sleep, it's easy to miss out on meals when you're traveling. But keeping some snacks handy in your bag or purse can keep the hanger at bay, and keep you fueled for your adventures.

That being said, there are some travel snacks that are undeniably superior to others because they're portable, less messy, nutritious, and great for keeping you energized until your next meal.

We've looked through hundreds of travel snack options, and compiled a list of our top picks for best travel snacks in 2019. Most of these can be purchased at your local supermarket, Target, Trader Joe's, or even online, if you really want to stock up.

10. POPCORN (Lightly Salted)

Popcorn | Group Travel in your 20s

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Beet chips | Travel snacks | Group Travel for Young Professionals


Travel snacks | Traveling in your 20s

7. Almonds

Travel snacks | traveling young professionals

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6. Peanut / almond butter packets

Travel snacks | Group travel for young professionals

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5. Beef Jerky

Travel snacks | group travel for 20-somethings

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4. Trail Mix

Travel snacks |  group travel

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3. String Cheese / Babybel

Travel snacks |  traveling in your twenties

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2. Dried Fruit Snacks

Travel snacks | traveling in your twenties

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1. Fruit, Nut Bars

Travel snacks |  traveling in your twenties

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