7-Day Vacation Ideas Around the World

Some travel destinations are more ideal than others for a week-long vacation.

These tend to be places that offer a good mix of activities, food and fun, and places that have lots of good day trip options so that you’re not confined to one city.

Luckily, FTLO is in the business of locating places like this so that travelers like you can make the most of your PTO and fill up your week-long itinerary with lots of memorable activities.

Read on to find out which travel destinations make for great 7-day vacations.

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena travel | FTLO Travel | Travel for young professionals

A beautiful colonial town located on the coast of Colombia, Cartagena is an ideal vacation destination for those who only have a few days to spare. The town itself is breathtaking, with its colorful buildings and beautiful churches, and there’s lots to see and do. Stroll the streets and try delicious Colombian foods, stop at local markets, and admire the beautiful architecture and culture. Take a day trip to the gorgeous remote Rosario Islands, stay in adorable colorful cabins if you wish, try amazing seafood, and snorkel in turquoise waters to view the amazing coral reef.

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Sydney, Australia

For the cosmopolitan, Sydney is a dreamland. The city is glittering and filled with amazing cuisine, dazzling art, high-end shopping, and a fun vibe; the beaches, of course, are unlike any other, with their turquoise waters and sun-kissed surfers. A cool city to hang with locals and tourists alike, Sydney is a fun place to visit and explore, and there are many cultural sites you’ll want to check off your bucket list during your visit. There are also day trip options to enjoy Australia’s beautiful outdoor scene, including river cruises, wine tours in the valleys, and trips to the mountain region.

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Florence, Italy

Florence travel | group travel for twenties and thirties

A magical city to visit, Florence (Firenze) is an absolute dream for those who love art, history, and Italian cuisine. Wander the charming cobblestone streets of this city alongside vespas that zoom up and down. Make your way to some of the most renowned historical structures and artistic masterpieces in the world, and along the way, stumble into lovely boutiques and leather shops, run by the artists themselves. Get your city fix, with a side of charm. Day trips are available to the beautiful countryside and wine centre.

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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona travel | FTLO Travel | Group travel for young professionals

Barcelona is arguably one of the best cities to visit in Spain if you’re looking for a fun, dynamic vacation spot. Foodies, art lovers and beach babes alike will love visiting, getting their fix of tapas and local drinks, architecture and history, and of course, beach picnics, all day every day. From day time to night time, Barcelona is alive and vibrant with young travelers from all over the world who are ready to have a good time. Take day trips to less populated beaches and towns, or catch a short flight to the very South of France.

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam group travel | travel for young people

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is an ancient region that hosts temples, art, an intersection of various cultures, and a delicious fusion cuisine found throughout its many neighborhoods. Lovely for its artisans, fascinating for its culture, and exciting for its buzzy local scene… Hanoi is a must-see for anyone traveling through Vietnam. Day trips are accessible to the countryside or to Ha Long Bay for some seriously mesmerizing views.

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Mexico City, Mexico

Travel groups to Mexico City FTLO Travel | Travel for young professionals

A significant and fascinating cultural center, Mexico City is definitely a must-visit for anyone who loves art, history, and amazing Mexican cuisine. FTLO in, fact, hosts a trip to Mexico City every year for anyone who considers themselves a foodie because street tacos and mezcal are definitely worth their own trip! From locally grown food to imported ingredients from all around the world, Mexico’s unique cuisine integrates creative and delicious ingredients to create masterful dishes. Of course, there’s lots of beautiful art, culture, and concerts to enjoy during your visit, and a one-week vaca will leave you wanting more.

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