10 Easy Weekend Getaway Ideas (If You Need A Vacation Like, Right Now!)

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We're in a bit of a lull before the next major set of holidays in the U.S., but we're definitely not waiting around for Independence Day to take our next (and already much needed) vacation. Sometimes, we could all use some time off to recharge and feel like a million bucks.

Here are 10 easy weekend getaway ideas that require minimal planning and just a bit of spontaneity!

10. Beach Town Fun

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Beach trips aren’t just for people who love to swim and sunbathe. Most coastal regions boast charming beach towns filled with shops and delicious seafood options; bar hopping experiences abound; and you’ll find that they are excellent for photography and art (think: Pismo beach in California!). But if you do in fact love the waves and sunshine, then you can of course take a dip in the ocean and soak up some sun rays!

9. Foodie Excursion

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Yes, you can dedicate a weekend to food! Foodie excursions are the best. Aside from giving you more reasons to have delicious photoshoots with your meals, you can also take some time to experiment with new cuisines and challenge yourself and your friends to try foods you’ve never had before. Fill your life with new flavors and experiences! (Check out FTLO’s mouth watering foodie trip to Mexico City, it's one of our best weekend getaway ideas yet!)

8. Wine, Beer, & Cocktails

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If you’re into any wines, beers or cocktails (or want to be into any of these), take the weekend to visit select wineries, breweries or cocktail rooms that specialize in your interest. You don’t have to already be an expert in any of the above to enjoy a good drink, and you certainly won’t regret learning more about it in the process!

7. Tranquil Desert Escape

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If your ideas for a weekend getaway revolve around something calmer and more refreshing consider the desert landscapes of the U.S. They offer a perfect weekend getaway for the city-dweller who needs a little break from the fast life. Spend a weekend under the stars shining bright against the night sky and wrapped up in crisp air of the desert. Breathtaking sunsets and inspiring sunrises make a weekend in the desert feel like a beautiful eternity. Rent a cabin or camp out in the desert to discover wildlife and explore cool, hip desert towns.

6. Art Walks + Museums

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Fashion, baby! Take a weekend to visit colorful art spots, galleries, and museums and you’ll likely find yourself inspired to live life more vibrantly and expressively. Be it old school or modern, art has the power to challenge and inspire those who see or experience it. In fact, studies have shown that those who are exposed to art tend to be more intelligent, develop more social-emotional skills, have reduced anxiety and depression, have improved memory skills, and even live longer!

5. Local National Parks

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There are more than 60 areas across the US that are protected as National Parks, with many of them being forests, deserts, caves, valleys, bodies of water, canyons and more. Hike them, swim them, run them, camp them. Take a weekend to discover the beauty of your local environment and you might even discover your new favorite weekend getaway spot!

4. Music Festival Vibes

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