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10 Things To Never Forget In Your Travel Bag

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When traveling, carry-ons are super important. First, if you’re an over packer, it’s an extra bag for your belongings. Secondly, it’s a way to keep the important items with you just in case the airline loses your luggage, which unfortunately, happens often. But a carry-on is only so big. So what do you begin to pack? Below are 10 of the most essential items to bring with you in your carry-on.

1. Cash / Travel Documents

There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and realizing you don't have the one thing you need to get on the plane: your ID. Make sure your driver's license/passport/visa is in your bag the night before your trip. Making copies and keeping them in a separate pocket isn't a bad idea either.

Also, although credit card acceptance is nearly ubiquitous in the US, many places in foreign countries and smaller towns are cash only. Avoid having to pass on morning coffee or that amazing souvenir by packing some extra cash. Also, don't be that person that doesn't tip the hotel service or for your transportation. No one likes a non-tipper.

2. Toiletries / Medicine

If your flight gets delayed or you don't have access to your suitcase, be sure to pack your toiletries. A toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, shampoo and lotion are all good options. And don't forget your deo for the B-O.

If your medicine is essential to take daily, you definitely want to keep it on hand. It would also be prudent to pack some airborne. Better safe than sorry.

3. Valuables

Anything that you would consider expensive or valuable, pack with you. Unfortunately things get stolen, and that would totally ruin a trip.

4. Pen

When traveling, especially internationally, keep a pen with you. There's always a document that needs to be filled out and it will save you time to have your own pen instead of having to pester your neighbors or track down a flight attendant. Plus, flights can get boring. It might come in handy to do crosswords, doodle, or write.

5. Phone Charger

Sad but true fact: No one can survive with a dead iPhone when traveling. Enough said.

6. Snacks

We all know most airlines aren't as generous with their snacks as they used to be. Having something to nosh on can help get you through long flights. Being "hangry" is never fun. Also, bringing gum can help relieve the pain of when your ears pop.

7. Headphones

If you want to listen to music for entertainment or just block out the crying baby on the plane, it's crucial to bring a good pair of headphones. Our favorites are BOSE's Noise Canceling Headphones.

8. Change of Clothes

The elbow nudge that causes you to spill all over your shirt, the baby that accidentally gets sick on your lap or the sweat stains from trying to catch your flight---a change of clothes might not be a bad idea.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Most things in the airport or plane have been touched by 20 million other people. Mo' people mo' germs--bring the sanitizer.

10. Pillow

To make sleeping on a plane a little bit more tolerable, bring a pillow to avoid neck cramps or accidentally falling asleep on your neighbor.

Everyone will have different needs depending on their destination and trip length. However, this is a definite must-have list for any globe trotter, explorer, pathfinder, weekender or voyager. A well-packed carry-on can lead to a happier travel experience.


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