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5 Ways to Add Spontaneity to Group Travel

Group travel is increasingly popular option for young people wanting to venture abroad. Between having logistics locked in and a bunch of new friends to explore with, it's an easy, stree-free way to travel. Nevertheless, every trip needs a bit of spontaneity because those random moments, both good and bad, are the ones that you'll be talking about for years to come.

So the next time you're on a group travel trip, remember these trips to infuse some randomness into your travel experience.

1. Talk to locals

Tours | FTLO Travel | Travel for Young Professionals

The people on your group trip might be amazing, but don't forget to mingle with locals too. Not only will you learn more about a place through the people who live there, but it also means you'll make more connections and maybe even learn about cool new spots to visit. A really cool hole-in-the-wall bar? The best paella in that neighborhood? The locals know it all. And if they've lived there a couple of years, they've got to have some "insider knowledge" and interesting stories to drop! Pro tip: Learn how to say "hello" in the local language and use it liberally!

2. Take advantage of free time

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There is no such thing as a boring moment when you're traveling, because every minute of your day is a new opportunity to try something cool, meet someone new, or make a new memory. So if you're done with the beach a little early, or decided to skip that art walk, then use that free time to wander around with your group and do something that wasn't on the itinerary, but you know you will all enjoy.

3. Wander without a map

Friends walking | FTLO Travel | Travel for Young Professionals

The best way to learn a place is to get "lost" in it. Skip Google Maps and improvise your path. This is often how people stumble upon really good markets or restaurants, bars, live music, etc... You'll also develop a better understanding of the area and you'll find yourself recognizing landmarks or noticing things you might have just walked past otherwise.

4. Use your sense of fun

Jumping in the ocean | FTLO Travel | Travel for Young Professionals

Often times we're so set on finding that restaurant we saw on Yelp or that bar we heard about...that we never actually allow ourselves to develop our sense of fun through spontaneity. Sometimes, that bar you found on Yelp isn't the only way you to have a great time. You just gotta let your intuition guide you and be the fun.

5. Go with the flow

Enjoying a drink | FTLO Travel | Travel for Young Professionals

As we all know, things don't always turn out exactly as planned when you're traveling. Maybe your dinner will be later, or your taxi will arrive earlier than you expected. Whatever the case may be, a great rule of thumb when traveling is to go with the flow, and more likely than not, this care-free approach will bring out your spontaneity. You'll feel more at ease when you recognize that everything is not in your control, and you'll feel more down to try something new and just enjoy the ride!

At FTLO, we always have fun, laid-back itineraries planned for you, but definitely also give you the freedom of time and space, so that you can embrace your spontaneous spirit with your new travel friends and explore the world at your own pace and with your own flare.

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