Bucket List Travel Destinations: For Outdoor Adventure-Seekers

We’ve never been to a country we didn’t love, but that doesn’t mean that some don’t stand out to us for their exceptional adventurous nature! When it comes to outdoor adventures, some countries pack a punch that’s juuust right for all of our thrill and adventure-seeking travelers.

Here are some of the wildest places that have stood out to us throughout our trips.

For anyone who wants to take their adventures to another level, here’s where we recommend planning your next trip to!

South Africa

By far, South Africa is one of our top destination recommendations for adventurous jetsetters. Have you ever marveled at footage of wildlife in South Africa’s deserts? Now imagine seeing that in person. Now imagine being just a few yards away. Wild, isn’t it? Embarking on African wildlife safari is unlike anything else you’ve done before, and unlike anything else you’ll ever do. You’ll get to witness some truly stunning, exotic wildlife in their natural habitat, while being immersed in an amazing and unforgettable environment.


Vast deserts and dunes, deep valleys and canyons, the dead sea… Jordan is an unbelievable country to adventure through. Its natural beauty alone is enough to land this country on anyone’s travel bucket list, but it’s remote and untouched landscapes are truly an adventure waiting to happen. This destinations calls to every traveler whose heart yearns for nights under starry skies, bonfires in the middle of crisp, cold deserts, hikes through steep, blue canyons and breathtaking sunsets over the milky blue waters of the dead sea.


Vibrant colors, endless nights full of dancing and margaritas, the movement and bustle of the hectic city streets - Colombia is the best destination for those who love to meet new people, try new foods and discover new hole-in-the-wall bars, cafes and restaurants. The curious and outgoing traveler will love Colombia for its bold and colorful personality, full of culture, music and outgoing locals. Memories await!


Located in northern Finland, Lapland is the perfect snowy playground for those who dream of winter adventures. Snow-capped everything, reindeers and huskies, neon lights against the skies...Lapland’s scene is unlike anything else. Unless you already live there, there’s a high chance this environment and its local sports and activities will be a first for you.


Verdant mountains, steep cliffs overlooking the ocean, dramatic sunsets, tall castles... Ireland is the perfect setting for adventurous travelers who love nature’s grandiosity. Adventurous drives along the coast and man, oh man...the sunsets in Ireland will draw some tears! Though the pace is more relaxed in Ireland, the adventure is no less abundant. At every turn you’ll discover a new place with an incredible history that dates back centuries. You’ll walk the streets and stroll the pubs that have been around for ages, and enjoy the company of strangers who quickly become friends over a song and a beer. Ireland’s combination of natural beauty and welcoming locals is like soup for the soul.

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