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On the Water with FTLO

There’s no escape quite like an escape to the sea. There’s just something about being on the water that draws us in, relaxes us, and reminds us how lucky we are to be able to explore this beautiful planet. Naturally, we had to design a trip around the sea. And naturally, as we’re nuts about traveling, “a trip” turned into many trips.

So, whether you need some beachside R&R in tropical paradise or an epic catamaran adventure through Mediterranean islands, check out our exhaustive list of aquatic adventures.

The Americas


Soothe the soul and jet down to the bluest seas we've ever seen. Our Belize trip has exploded in popularity, and for good reason. It's so beautiful that we couldn't blame you for ripping up that return ticket home. Spend five days sipping on Caribbean concoctions as you dig your feet into the sand and the tide laps at your toes. Then hop on a private catamaran, cruise out with our amazing group, dive in and explore an exotic world of corals, turtles, and tropical fish that will have you longing for your own set of gills.

Costa Rica

If you're in the mood for some biodiverse adventure, take a look at our Costa Rican escape. We'll all meet up in this lush Central American paradise for five days of fun. From the jungles to the beaches, we'll never be far from the Pacific. Think zip-lining through rainforests, surfing hidden coves, and kicking back with new friends from the shores of untouched paradise.


On our romp through Colombia, you'll fall in love with a country that's recently emerged as one of the go-to destinations in all of the Americas. Kick things off in the wonderfully preserved Old Town of Cartagena, where 16th-century defensive stone walls meet the sea, and the Caribbean sun lingers over cobbled streets. From there, you'll cruise out in style to the coral-fringed Islas Del Rosario for some beachside lounging.



From the historic shores of Lisbon down to the balmy bliss of the Algarve, this trip blends all aspects of a great European adventure. So if you're in the mood for exploring charming alleyways perched above scenic bays or soaking up the sun beneath golden limestone cliffs, this is the one for you. And don't you worry, we won't quit at Mediterranean beaches or seaside grottos; to wrap things up, we'll kick it up a notch, grab our day bags, and head out to sea aboard our very own private yacht.


Over the past five years, Croatia has burst onto the international travel scene. With fascinating historic cities, picturesque islands, and stone walls hanging high above the sunbaked Adriatic, well, yeah, we get it. If you're in the mood for one unforgettable European excursion with a group of curious individuals, dive right into Croatia. We'll kayak the Med, roam Dubrovnik's city walls, and party through the night island style.


Perhaps it's the preposterously perfect climate. Maybe it's the romantic blue-roofed, whitewashed villages by the sea. It might just be that toasty Mediterranean. We're not sure exactly the reason, but Greece keeps us coming back time and again. It's the quintessential Mediterranean escape and one that we highly recommend everyone indulges in at least once. So set sail for adventure, dance the night away in Santorini, and float through the emerald waters of Milos.

Amalfi Coast & Puglia

Picture yourself sipping limoncello beneath a backdrop of towering dark green peaks as tiny white sails drift off into the summer haze. Not bad, eh? When it comes to hitting the sea, Amalfi may just be our most famous destination. Of course, that's not really enough for us, so we built this trip through Puglia and Capri as well. Backed by brilliant white limestone cliffs falling straight down to the Adriatic Sea, Puglia is one of Southern Italy's best-kept secrets. Capri, on the other hand, is classic Mediterranean island beauty—too remarkable to be ignored. Put it all together, and you've got one spectacular Italian getaway.

Barcelona & the South of France

Kick back and enjoy life along the southern coasts of Spain and France. We'll soak up the French Riviera in style as we unwind on daybeds and drink rosé along the bay of Juan Les Pins. In Barcelona, we'll party late along one of Europe's most iconic beaches and then head out to sea to sail across those intoxicatingly blue waters.


South Africa

Home to arguably the most extraordinary flora and fauna anywhere, South Africa is for those who love the great outdoors. We'll traverse the mind-blowing national parks on a quest to find the region's big five before we head south and take in the beautiful seaside city of Cape Town. You'll wind along the peninsula's coastline, between towering cliffs and boulders, hike up Lion's Head for panoramic views of it all, and explore the region's most gorgeous beaches, where you’ll have the chance to surf, swim, and soak up the sun in one spectacular location.



We could give you a million reasons to visit Vietnam; it really is that special. But…two of the absolute best are the little UNESCO Heritage Sites in Ninh Binh and Halong Bay. You've probably seen pictures. You probably thought they were fake. They're that jaw-dropping. We'll see a lot of this spectacular country on our nine-day excursion, but again and again, these natural beauties seem to take the cake. In Ninh Binh, we’ll row between sublime limestone mountains jutting from tranquil riverside rice paddies. In Halong Bay, we’ll do one better and spend two days cruising between towering islands so extraordinary they’d make James Cameron jealous.


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