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FTLO Alum Series: Travel + Tell

We know our FTLO alum are pretty cool, but we wanted to share how cool.

That's why we put together the FTLO Alum Series: Travel + Tell, where our alumni dish out the deets of their travel experiences with FTLO – the good, the wild and the amazing!

Read on to see what these millennial movers and shakers are doing as they explore the world with a new group of friends.

#FTLOALUM: justin Eichenauer

Group travel for young professionals | Mexico City travel | Foodie destinations | traveling in your 20s and 30s

FTLO Trips:

  • Mexico City, Foodie Edition, 2019

Current City: Decatur, Illinois

Age: 35

Profession: Director of Operations

Horoscope sign: Aquarius ♒

FTLO, Travel + Tell

✈️ I love to travel because...

"First the why I started traveling. A little over 5 years ago, I saw the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and it reminded me how easy it is to daydreamthrough life. When he goes on his big adventure I just thought to myself,"I want that." So I booked a solo trip to Croatia and have been hooked [on traveling] ever since. I would say what really hooked me the most into loving travel was all the wonderful like-minded people you get to meet while traveling. Food and beautiful locations help as well!"

✨ Memorable Moments...

"Really, it was before I ever went on the trip. It was the initial conversation I had with Makayla (FTLO trip leader!) after I filled out the information request section on the FTLO website. It was such a genuine and energizing conversation with someone else that loves to travel and experience the world as much as I do. I knew after the conversation I had to give it a try. On the actual trip I would have to say the night out at the salsa club was memorable. Everyone was dancing, smiling, and laughing! So much fun and different to what a night out is like back home for me. The energy was amazing!"

🍜 Best Food Experiences...

"It was Mexico, so impossible to not go with Tequila and tacos!"

🌎 This travel experience was different for me because...

"No Aussies or Kiwis! Haha. But really, I have done a lot of group travel and I would say that this was more mature. A lot of the other groups travel companies go down to 18 or I have been on some trips where I thought I was on college spring break, but in my 30’s. Also, you can tell there has been a lot of thought into the FTLO trip (accommodations, food, etc). I am very detailed when I plan my own trips, so I would say it was planned like I would do it without me having to do the work."

📍 Recommendations

Mexico 🇲🇽: "Plaza de la Constitucion was awesome – so make sure to explore the area!"

  • Historical Aztec ruins

  • Authentic Mexican markets

  • Wonderful views from rooftop bars

"Also make sure you eat as many tacos as possible and wash them down with a shot of tequila or two."

💙 Next FTLO Trip I have my eyes on...

"Outside of Mexico City, the only other place I have checked off my bucket list that FTLO goes to is Greece, so really any of the other trips are on target. Next up would be to do the two Italy trips in combination over this summer."

💡 Want to travel with FTLO? My advice...

"Do an FTLO group trip solo (–ie, don't sign up with friends you already know!), especially if it is your first overseas trip. It will teach you a lot about yourself and really make you have to open up. Otherwise, it is too easy to retreat back to your comfort zone with the friends that came along with you."

Check out the FTLO trip Justin has been on (and others he's looking forward to!), including Mexico, Southern Italy (Amalfi + Puglia), Tuscany + Rome, Greece and more.

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