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FTLO Alum Series: Travel + Tell

We know our FTLO alum are pretty cool, but we wanted to share how cool.

That's why we put together the FTLO Alum Series: Travel + Tell, where our alum dish out the deets of their travel experiences with FTLO – the good, the wild and the amazing!

Read on to see what these millennial movers and shakers are doing as they explore the world with a new group of friends.

#FTLOALUM: Justin Lim

FTLO Travel | Travel groups for 20s and 30s | Travel groups for singles

FTLO Trips:

  • Tuscany + Rome, 2018

  • Barcelona / South of France, 2019

Current City: Orange County, CA

Age: 36

Profession: Real Estate Investor

Horoscope sign: "Capri"-sun...

FTLO, Travel + Tell

✈️ I love to travel because...

"I was born and raised in Los Angeles, went to school at UCI, and stayed in OC ever since. Traveling has been a way for me to check items off my bucket list. My best friend and I made a challenge for ourselves to visit a new country or state every month. Traveling has opened up my eyes to the world and has matured me mentally and soulfully."

✨ Memorable Moments...

"Every trip I have been on with FTLO has been memorable, but my favorite memory is always going to be making new friends."

  • "In Italy, waking up to the crisp morning Tuscan air, and seeing as far as I could, endless valleys of vineyards."

  • "In Barcelona, the food was amazing and blew my mind. The culinary experience in Barcelona is amazing. The drive to and from Monaco was amazing as we savored the views of the coast. The private boat ride at the end of our trip was a nice touch!"

🍜 Best Food Experiences...

  • Italy 🇮🇹: Truffle and squash blossoms

  • France 🇫🇷: Frog legs (Le Frog) in Nice

  • Barcelona 🇪🇸: Parmesan truffle grilled cheese, and tomato spread on toast

🌎 This travel experience was different for me because...

"FTLO gives a lot of attention to details, and I appreciate that. From the well planned itineraries to the selection of restaurants, FTLO knows how to plan their trips well. Also, traveling with like-minded individuals made the experience great. I've had fully catered trips before where everything is on a schedule, whereas FTLO is more laid back and casual."

📍 Recommendations

  • Italy 🇮🇹: Spend time at night roaming around the city and take in the city life. Drink lots of wine and try to find a late night pizzeria that’s still open.

  • Spain 🇪🇸: Go try all the tapas you can find (squid season was booming, and it did not disappoint!). It’s near impossible to eat your way through Barcelona, but it’s fun to try anyway. Oh yeah, Spanish wines are delicious!

💙 Next FTLO Trip I have my eyes on...

"Greece! Have not been and I like boat trips."

💡 Want to travel with FTLO? My advice...

"Just. Do. It. You’ll be doing your soul a favor."

Check out FTLO trips Justin has been on (and is looking forward to!) to Tuscany + Rome, Barcelona + South of France and more!

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