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Traveler's Gift Guide (8 Sustainable Gifts!)

The holidays are here and if you haven't already started planning your gift list for the travelers in your life, then we are so glad you made it to this page!

We're all aware that this time of year tends to get wild, with shoppers flocking to malls, outlets and even the Internet. The truth is that the majority of this stuff that people purchase ends up (sadly) contributing to landfills around the world, and in many cases, the fun of it comes and goes, but the trash sticks around.

In an attempt to maintain the fun aspect of gift-giving while avoiding the wasteful part of it, we've compiled a list of gift ideas that are perfect for the travelers in your life! Sustainable, fun, and super memorable, here's a list of sustainable gifts for your friends and loved ones.

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1. Travel points.

If you have a major credit card, chances are you're earning travel points all the time. You can often use these points to book flights through airlines that partner with your credit card. This year, give someone the gift of your travel points, and you'll be giving them a memorable gift for years to come — no waste involved!

2. Subscription for e-books and online travel magazines.

Those long flights are best accompanied with some bit of entertainment! E-books and online travel magazines are great options because they also don't add to a traveler's packing load. Just a simple browser on the phone and voilà! Entertainment without waste.

3. Biodegradable postcards.

If you really want to give your person something tangible, a set of biodegradable postcards will pique the interest of those who love writing, while encouraging others to send out notes throughout their travels. The postcards can then be planted (yeah-planted!) and all of a sudden not only is your gift sustainable, but it's actually going to bud and help the environment.

4. TSA pre-check.

Here's an easy way to make a traveler's life 1,000 times easier! TSA pre-check is a nifty tool that eliminates one of the most stressful aspects of traveling: lines and waiting. Though there is a bit of legwork to do with an application that will have to be completed by the traveler himself/herself, you can at least get them started with an application and the funds to apply for it (approximately $85).

5. Flight gift card.

If you don't have travel points to gift, consider going for a travel gift card. Check out a few major airlines and consider purchasing a gift card to fund a bit of your loved one's future flights.

6. Make a donation.

Though this doesn't have to be travel-specific, travelers tend to have lots of different things they care about in different countries and places. Consider making a donation to a charity or organization that the person has grown to care about through their travels.

7. An experience.

More so than material things, experiences tend to stick with people because they're often accompanied with fun memories. What does the traveler in your life love to do? Try new foods? Get them a sushi or pasta-making class. Do they love sports? How about tickets to a basketball game or surfing lessons. There are lots of options!

8. A trip!

If it's in your budget, then feed your traveler's love for adventure by purchasing them a trip for the new year ahead. Check out our calendar for upcoming trip dates and locations.

Now you've got a number of sustainable, fun gift options for the travelers in your life, and all you have to do is decide which one makes the most sense for them. Happy (sustainable) gift-giving!

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