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FTLO Alumni Series: Travel + Tell

We know our FTLO alum are pretty cool, but we wanted to share how cool.

That's why we put together the FTLO Alum Series: Travel + Tell, where our alumni dish out the deets of their travel experiences with FTLO – the good, the wild and the amazing!

Read on to see what these millennial movers and shakers are doing as they explore the world with a new group of friends.

#FTLOALUM: Andre Tolmachoff

FTLO Travel, International Travel, FTLO Alumni

Photo Cred: Courtesy of Andre Tolmachoff (far left)

FTLO Trips:

Current City: Fresno, California

Age: 32

Profession: Farming almonds and pistachios

Horoscope sign: Virgo ♍

Photo Cred: Courtesy of Andre Tolmachoff

FTLO, Travel + Tell

✨ Memorable Moments...

🍜 Best Food Experiences...

  • Mojitos in Cuba

  • Open faced sandwiches in Scandinavia

  • BBQ in South Africa

  • Reindeer in Lapland

  • Pho and Bahn Mi sandwiches in Vietnam

🌎 This travel experience was different for me because...

"Hands down the best way to travel. The FTLO guides are a friendly way to navigate a new and unfamiliar place."

💙 Next FTLO Trip I have my eyes on...

  • FTLO Japan 2020

💡 Want to travel with FTLO? My advice...

"My advice is simply to arrive with an open mind and positive attitude. You will meet some of the most interesting and fun loving people. Priceless memories are guaranteed!"

Check out FTLO trips Andre has been on (and is booked for!) to Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, and more!

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