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Popular Souvenirs from Around the World (Inspired by FTLO Summer Trips)

While ending a vacation usually means you have to leave all the beauty and adventure behind, it doesn't mean you can't bring a bit of your travels back with you in the form of a souvenir.

Selecting the right souvenir means you can relive your vacation every now and then, or you'll have a little source of inspiration to plan your return again some day soon.

From unique local drinks and artisanal foods, to handmade jewelry and leather goods, here are some of the most popular souvenirs to collect from around the world – inspired by FTLO's upcoming summer trips.


Group travel for young professionals | greece group travel
  • Jewelry with the Blue Eye: You've probably encountered this symbol before. You've seen it on jewelry, or painted on ceramics. It's the Greek matiasma, a traditional symbol that is essentially meant to protect the user of the jewelry (or owner of the art) from bad thoughts or intentions.

  • Ceramic art: There are hundreds of traditional workshops offering all kinds of handmade ceramics. This is a beautiful gift to bring back for your own home or to gift to someone.

  • Greek honey: This is among the most popular souvenirs you can collect while visiting Greece. There are a variety of options, but one of the most outstanding flavors is chestnut or thyme.

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Group travel for young professionals | Italy group travel
  • Leather gloves: Italy is known for its high quality leather, and Florence is one of the best spots in the world for picking up leather goods. Their gloves, in particular, are iconic for their pristine tailored look and supple leather.

  • Hand-printed paper Il Papiro: Il Papiro produces hand-printed stationary right before your eyes. Artists are on site, soaking, dipping and painting beautifully crafted stationary for a perfect ready-to-take-home souvenir.

  • Perfumes: Select from some of the most elegant scents in the world, or try your hand at putting together a unique scent of your own at the local perfume shops.

Browse our upcoming trip dates to the Tuscany & Rome.


Group travel for young professionals | Rome travel
  • Marble: Pick up a work of art – an engraved marble piece to commemorate your time in Rome. These can be customized or you can select from a variety of pre-made pieces.

  • Ceramics: Artisans create all types of beautiful ceramic decorations, vases, dishes, and small ceramic trinkets that reflect local structures.

Browse our upcoming trip dates to the Tuscany & Rome.


Traveling in your twenties | group travel Oslo
  • Sweaters: Scandinavian sweaters are super high quality, usually made of pure wool and covered with chic patterns that make for a stylish souvenir.

  • Pipe: Here's a special souvenir for anyone who enjoys using a pipe or chewing tobacco. Select from a variety of beautiful and inexpensive hand-carved pipes.

  • Sweets: A super iconic (and delicious) souvenir to bring back with you, Scandinavian candies come in all shapes and sizes, and the confectionary treats can be found in small candy shops all over the region.

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Group travel Barcelona | Group travel for young professionals
  • Vermouth: Rooted in Catalan culture, vermouth is a perfect souvenir to take home from your visit to Barcelona. This sweet liquor is typically enjoyed before dinner or before any meal.

  • Mosaics: Barcelona is known for its incredible architecture from the artistic mastermind, Gaudi, and a great way to commemorate a trip to the city is with a small mosaic art piece.

  • Jamón ibérico: An edible souvenir that will immediately take you back to your time in Barcelona, jamón ibérico is a Spanish cured meat that can be enjoyed as a tapa or on its own.

Browse our upcoming trip dates to the Barcelona & South of France.

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