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15 Gifts for Travelers in 2024: The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide

With the holidays fast approaching, we’ve been hard at work putting together the ultimate 2024 travel gift guide for the jet-setter in your life. From inspiration to packable gadgets or FTLO Gift Cards, these are our favorite travel-inspired gifts for 2024. They light the spark of wanderlust inside us, make life on the road (or in the sky) that much easier, and help us stay connected with those we care about most.

So, whether you’re shopping for a partner, friend, or family member, if they’re a traveler on the go, our ultimate travel gift guide should have something for them.

Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones 700

For the frequent-flyer out there, there is nothing worse than finding yourself sitting next to a heavy snorer or unhappy kiddo on a long flight. Thankfully, with noise-canceling headphones—which actually work by listening to the noises around them and emitting the exact opposite signals to cancel them out—flying’s never been better.

Bose’s 700 series are our top pick to block out mayhem wherever you go; with a wireless design, 24 hours of battery life, and a sleek carrying case, they’re perfect for any traveler.

GlocalMe G4 Pro 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Router

In an increasingly connected world, we somehow haven't perfected staying connected when traveling abroad. However, things are constantly improving as networks become more reliable, and the options for connectivity grow by the day. While local SIM cards are often a good choice, for the best WiFi on the go, we recommend a portable WiFi hotspot.

Of the dozens of options out there, GlocalMe is consistently one of the highest reviewed. The G4 provides coverage in more than 140 countries, has flexible data options to choose from, and allows users to connect up to 10 devices.

Anker Portable Charger, 325 Power Bank

We'd be fooling ourselves if we thought we could go anywhere without the need to use some sort of device. So, whether you're bringing your phone, tablet or Kindle, you want to make sure you can charge it, and unfortunately, you can't always trust the power when heading abroad.

Thankfully, there's been a massive push to make fantastic power banks in the last few years. Most of them have multiple different ports and usually pack a punch. Our favorite is the Anker Portable Charge, with multiple USB ports and its small, portable design; it's an excellent choice for anyone on the go.

Kindle Paperwhite 8 GB

In the spirit of making life a little easier (and lighter) for your friends or family constantly on the move, help them ditch the big, bulky books and gift them a Kindle. We can’t explain how much more convenient life is with a Kindle and how much space we can save in our bags. And while we understand that nothing makes up for the feel of a book, the tradeoffs are well worth it.

Our go-to is the Paperwhite 8GB. It’s got enough battery power to last an absurd ten weeks, and it’s waterproof, so there are no worries for travelers at the pool or beach.

Yeti Rambler Reusable Water Bottle

This one knocks off two birds with one stone; reusable water bottles are uber convenient and environmentally friendly. Yeti's emerged as the best in the business, and the Rambler is the ultimate in travel bottles—it's tough enough to drop and insulted to keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold.

We're big fans of the 26 oz version, as it keeps refills to a minimum and still has the convenient chug cap.

Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Day Pack

Travel is easiest when we've got fewer pounds to shlub around but still have what we need to do what we love. And that goes for everything from books to toiletries, clothes, and yes, even the very bags those things go in.

At some point on their journeys, every traveler out there will need a day bag, and they're not going to want to use their larger backpack or suitcase. Queue up the Ultra-Sil Nano Day pack. Weighing just 1 ounce and easily carried in the palm of a hand, unfold this bad boy, and you've got an 18-liter day pack. It's tiny, it's durable, and it's effortless to pack.

Apple AirTags

This past year, travel took a U-turn back to life, yet hiring didn't exactly find the onramp. As low staffing numbers plagued the airlines, lost bag graveyards emerged in airports across European. For travelers out there, this was cause for just a tad bit of concern.

Luckily, those who do find themselves in the precarious position of checking their bags now have a lifeline—they can track them in the palm of their hands. Apple AirTags provide all-important peace of mind and track luggage pretty much anywhere in the world. All a traveler needs is an iPad or iPhone, and they'll be able to follow their bag along their journey.

Opinel No. 10 Stainless Steel Corkscrew Wine and Cheese Folding Knife

These lists have a way of becoming very practical, which, while certainly important, is not exactly the reason that we decided to travel in the first place. We did it for the fun of it. And fun often revolves around eating, drinking, the great outdoors, and generally laughing the day away.

When we find ourselves in these wonderful situations with a bottle of wine and a block of Gruyère, well, we need something to help us get the party started. That's where the trusty Opinel comes into play; these stylish knives have been instrumental in kicking off picnics for over a century. We recommend grabbing one with a corkscrew built-in for an even better time. Just remind any traveler to check this French delicacy, or TSA will make it disappear forever.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate Cubes

People either seem to love packing or hate it. There's not much middle ground, and no one ever switches sides. However, as this list is at least partially about making life easy, we've found that packing cubes are the way to go. From separating shirts and shorts to funneling out the sweaty and old, this is one accessory that always has a function.

Our favorites are Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate cubes. They're super light so they won't weigh you down, and they're durable, so you won't need to worry about them ripping or tearing.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Whether your friends or family are heading out to explore tropical paradise, sprawling megacities, or idyllic countryside, they'll want to unwind and relax at some point. For us, that means a rum drink and some tunes to set the vibe. Our favorite speaker to do just that is the Boom 3.

This wireless speaker plays 360 degrees so everyone can get in on the fun. With 15 hours of battery life and a waterproof design, it's the perfect gift for any traveler out on the road.

The Beach by Alex Garland

The quintessential backpacker's novel, Alex Garland's jaunt through Southeast Asian paradise, is perhaps best known for its Hollywood adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Nevertheless, the novel holds a special place in the hearts of countless travelers and is one of our favorite pieces of literary inspiration to stir up thoughts of wanderlust.

The story of a young British backpacker named Richard who comes across a treasure map in a Bangkok guesthouse and sets off in search of an untouched beach hidden on a pristine Thai island is straight from a backpacker's dream. It's got everything from adventure to love and tropical beauty.

A Cook’s Tour by Anthony BourdaiN

There may be nothing better at bringing people together from all nations, races, and ethnicities than cuisine. Food has a magical way of helping us bond and inspiring us to see the world and discover new cultures. When it comes to sharing the stories of cuisine, there was no one better than the great Anthony Bourdain.

A Cook's Tour is a globe-trotting culinary whirlwind of Bourdain's experiences eating as local as one could. It's honest, fascinating, and tough to put down. But, above all else, it's the kind of writing that makes us want to travel and not look back.

Jupiter’s Travels by Ted Simon

Ted Simon may not have been the first person to ride a motorcycle around the world, but his story of doing so made him a legend in both the motorcycle and travel communities. Over four years, Simon rode his Triumph more than 63,000 miles through some 54 countries as he circumnavigated the globe.

Jupiter's Travels is a riveting page-turner filled with fascinating characters and endless adventures. It's a mix of Simon's experiences and emotional journey as well.


So you've given the gifts of gear and inspiration; what's next? For the traveler who's ready to get out there and explore the world, try giving the gift of travel itself. FTLO's Basque Country Trip is all about food, fun, and the sun; it's the perfect gift for any foodie or adventurer in your life.

Travelers start out in Bilbao for their first taste of unforgettable pintxos and then crisscross an area encompassing parts of Northern Spain and Southwestern France, defined by an exotic language, ancient folklore, and year-round festivals. They'll wind through historic Vitoria-Gasteiz before ending up on the golden sand beaches of San Sebastian. By the end of the week, they'll be well-versed in the region's culture, history, and world-famous cuisine, and they'll understand why this is one of our favorite new travel destinations.

FTLO Gift Cards

For the travel lover in your life, who doesn't quite know their next destination, give them the whole world. FTLO’s small group trips run throughout the year and head to the some of the greatest cities, seas, and parks on Earth.

Give $100, $199, $250, $500 or a custom amount of your choice in FTLO gift cards to the traveler in your life who just can’t kick that wanderlust (no judgment, we can’t either!).


Our gift guides don't stop here; if you're shopping for someone special this holiday season, check out our guides to the best travel gear for guys and travel accessories for women in 2024.

That's it from team FTLO, but what about you? Drop us a comment and let us know your favorite travel gifts for the year ahead.


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