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Best Travel Destinations for Winter Season (Hot and Cold!)

The perfect winter getaway can mean different things to different people. Perhaps a crisp, winter wonderland, where you can spend the day dog sledding, chasing northern lights, and drinking (spiked?) hot chocolate; or a tropical escape to a rainy part of the world, where the sun shines bright over beautiful green mountains and turquoise waters.

Hot or cold, whatever your perfect winter getaway might look like, the planet's hemispheres have something for you.

Here are some of FTLO's favorite places to travel to during the winter months (December, January and February).

Cape Town, South Africa:

For the Vibrant, Outgoing and Curious Traveler

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During the region's warmest months, the white sand beaches are lively with visitors from all around the world who are looking for a sunny "winter" escape. Outdoor attractions are an awesome place to meet locals and other travelers, and the restaurants and bars come to life as everyone partakes in Christmas and New Year festivities. Explore FTLO's upcoming excursions to South Africa.

📍 High Season: Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb

⛅ Weather: Warm, Sunny

✨ Holidays / Events: Christmas, New Year

Cartagena, Colombia:

For the Stylish, Colorful, Passionate Traveler

Group travel for young people

Cartagena is one of those rare places that is beautiful year 'round. However, the dryer months in this tropical region of the world are slightly more enjoyable, as they make getting dressed up a little more worth your time and outdoor activities are more likely to not get a rain check! December and January are good months to explore the beaches and the warm weather compliments this colonial town's vibrant personality. Explore FTLO's upcoming excursions to Colombia.

📍 High Season: December, January

⛅ Weather: Sunny, Relatively dry

✨ Holidays / Events: Festival of lights and Christmas

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam:

For the Adventurous, Food + Culture-Seeking Traveler

International group travel for 20-somethings

Winter time is a great time to visit this breathtaking destination, as the humidity (and mosquitos) have made their grand exit. Typhoon season has come to an end, and though the days are cooler and typically more dry, the views are equally as amazing. This region of the world is vibrant with people from all over the world who come to celebrate the holidays, and because it's peak season, expect lots of parties, cruises and opportunities to meet locals and travelers alike. Explore FTLO's upcoming excursions to Vietnam.

📍 High Season: December, January

⛅ Weather: Cooler, Typically more dry

✨ Holidays / Events: Traditional Lunar New Year Festival, Tet

Lapland, Finland:

For the Adrenaline Junkie, Unique-Travel Lover

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Where are our snow chasers?! If you're dreaming of a fairytale travel destination...this is it! Dog sledding (and sledding in general) is a way of life during the extra snowy months of December, January and February and drinking hot chocolate and hot toddies is mandatory to stay warm! ;) Spend your days aurora chasing and wildin' out with snow activities, and you're bound to have an unforgettable winter travel experience. Explore FTLO's upcoming excursions to Lapland.

📍 High Season: December, January, February, March

⛅ Weather: Cold, Freezing, Snowy

✨ Holidays / Events: Christmas


For the Daring, Athletic and Nature-Loving Traveler

Singles group travel | FTLO Travel

For the snow-sports lovers and adrenaline junkies, winter time is the best time to visit Norway. Skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, and even whale-watching are amazing activities you can partake in during the cold, winter months of December, January and February. Because winter time is shoulder season, you can enjoy a less-crowded travel experience and you're more likely to enjoy breathtaking views of fjords without the congestion. As far as cuisine goes, the freshest and highest quality of seafood comes in the winter season!

📍 High Season: June, July, August

⛅ Weather: Cold, Freezing, Snowy

✨ Holidays / Events: Christmas

Check out FTLOs' upcoming group trips and explore the world with a new group of friends this winter!

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