FTLO Alum Series: Travel + Tell

We know our FTLO alum are pretty cool, but we wanted to share how cool.

That's why we put together the FTLO Alum Series: Travel + Tell, where our alumni dish out the deets of their travel experiences with FTLO – the good, the wild and the amazing!

Read on to see what these millennial movers and shakers are doing as they explore the world with a new group of friends.

#FTLOALUM: Marc Phillips

FTLO Travel | Travel Groups For Young Professionals

Photo Cred: Courtesy of Marc Phillips.

FTLO Trips:

  • Barcelona & South of France, 2017

  • Greek Islands, 2018

Current City: New York, NY

Age: 29

Profession: Content Director, IBM Watson Health

Horoscope sign: Leo ♌ ("I celebrated my birthday on the Greek Islands in style, thanks to our trip leader Makayla!")

Photo Cred: Courtesy of Marc Phillips.

FTLO, Travel + Tell

✈️ I love to travel because...

"My family didn't do much international travel when I was young because my parents were small business owners. Once I was a few years into my own career and felt comfortable taking weeks off from work, I knew I wanted to see the rest of the world. I consider myself an open-minded person, so learning about new cultures, viewing historic architecture, tasting unique flavors, and meeting new friends seemed like an ideal trip. I heard from friends about some international tour groups, but when I looked up the options nothing seemed to appeal to those topics above. Until of course, I found FTLO on a whim thanks to their good SEO!"

✨ Memorable Moments...

"I don't think there is just one moment, but any time I floated in the Mediterranean sea (either on a raft or a catamaran) I felt totally at ease. Due to Europe's generous open container laws, we certainly enjoyed some Rosé on the water, which signaled relaxation. I use vacations as a chance to unwind from a stressful, deadline-driven career."

🍜 Best Food Experiences...

🇬🇷 Greece: I loved the unique texture and taste of stingray toast.

🇫🇷 France: We went on a wine tasting at an exclusive vineyard in Chateauneuf du Pape."

🌎 This travel experience was different for me because...

"FTLO set the bar high. The only other organized travel I did prior to FTLO was through Birthright Israel as a 20-year-old college student. It's not fair to compare the two. What I will say is that the combination of authentic local experiences, professionals, and stunning destinations is something not frequently offered to people in our age group."

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