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Why Traveling More Should Be Your Top Resolution for 2020

If your new year’s resolutions revolve around self-improvement and a different approach to life, then there are many reasons why traveling more should be your top resolution for 2020.

As we enter a new decade, we would all do well to be more open, compassionate, proactive about our mental and physical health, and authentic in our pursuit of the things that make us happy.

Travel naturally aids the development of all of the above. Here are some of the most important reasons why traveling more should be your top resolution for 2020.

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1. Break away from monotony.

There is more to life than a work-eat-sleep cycle, and it lies just beyond your routine. When you travel more, you realize that these arguably important routines you’ve set for yourself should take a back seat every once in a while and act more as guidelines, rather than the dictators of your life.

2. Avoid burnout.

Whether you’re challenging your body through outdoor activities, or feeding your soul with new scenery, your mental and physical health will both benefit from travel. In fact, studies have shown that travel “isn’t just an indulgence” —it actually has healing effects and can reduce your risk of developing certain mental and physical health problems. So go on, add travel to your self-care list!

3. Discover more.

There are more than 200 countries and cultures around the world, many of which you’ve maybe never even heard of! What are you waiting for? Book a flight and get to know your world. Fall in love with beautiful places, meet new friends to vibe with, and treat your palette to new cuisines from all around the world.

4. Build confidence.

A natural outcome of traveling is building a better sense of self and with that, greater confidence. Through travel you get to become the version of you that you’ve always wanted to be: more curious, resourceful, friendly, independent and in the process, more knowledgeable of the world.

5. Meet new people.

Get to know people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds and you’ll find that there are always new friends to be made, wherever you go.

6. Think outside the box and dream bigger.

Travel is a natural catalyst of creativity and big ideas. When you’re exposed to more people’s lifestyles, cultures, cuisines, problems, hobbies, etc., you’re more likely to have several “aha!” moments that spur a global mindset and help you to dream bigger. Several studies have found a positive correlation between travel and creativity as your senses are heightened and your brain creates new avenues of thinking and processing.

7. There are more resources to travel than ever before.

Never, ever has it been easier to find and book a trip to any part of the world within a few minutes. You’ve got the Internet and all of its travel resources (like Kayak, Hopper and us!) to help you make your travel goals come true. We would love to have you join us on an FTLO trip!

8. Travel while you’re young.

The best time to travel is now, when you have the freedom to do what you want and make decisions based solely on yourself and your dreams. The longer you wait, the more responsibilities you’ll have as an adult and the tougher it will be to be intentional about traveling and achieving your goals.

9. It’s the gift (to yourself) that keeps on giving.

Even years after you’ve traveled to a new country, you’ll still find yourself thinking back on the fun memories you created. You might even be inspired to travel again. Travel is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

When you realize how much of the world you still haven’t experienced, the possibilities feel endless. And what more could you ask for in the new year than a sea of endless possibility? Come join FTLO for a trip of a lifetime and make 2020 your best travel year yet!

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