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Group Travel for Men: The Ultimate Guide for Guys

So you've noticed a trend in your single friends jetting off on adventure tours, culture trips, or relaxing vacations with a group of happy faces you don't recognize? Well, guys, we're here to spill the beans and fill you in on the worst-kept secret in the travel industry. Group travel is all the rage these days.

We know, we get it; group tours weren't exactly the "cool" option in the past, particularly for young men. However, a slew of travel startups have popped up in the past couple of years that are reimagining the experience and creating a vibe that's more like a group of friends heading out to see the world than the boring, old, follow the umbrella, cattle herd-type travel of days gone bye.

So, if you're looking to get out and explore and dying from FOMO every time you see new pictures of your friends in Costa Rica, Greece, or Barcelona, modern group travel may hold the keys to happiness.


Here's the scoop on how to approach group travel for men.

Pick the Right Company

There are many different kinds of group travel, so be sure to pick a company specializing in the type of experience you're looking for. From 50-person party trips (Contiki) or curated travel for 20 and 30-somethings (FTLO Travel) to biking journeys (Backroads) or niche groups that specialize in things like visiting old lighthouses (we're not judging), whatever you're looking for, it's probably out there.

A quick Google search can point you in the right direction. As with anything today, it's in your best interest to dig as deep as possible to find the perfect trip for you (there are many different kinds of culture trips).

Be Sure to Check Reviews

Once you've found a couple of options, do yourself a favor and check reviews. There is literally no better way to get an idea of the quality of a tour than what past travelers have to say.

We're fans of checking reviews in as many spots as possible to get the most transparent picture of any particular company. So, after you've given Google reviews a look, check out the tour group's Facebook page to make sure you've got an idea of what all of their travelers are saying.

Book Early if You want a Single Room

Most tour pricing is based on sharing a room with someone. While companies like FTLO Travel pair you with someone they think you'd get along with (based on a pre-trip survey), you can always upgrade to your own room…as long as you reserve early enough.

Single rooms can be limited, but so are spots in general — so get over those commitment issues and snag your spot as early as possible.

Be Flexible

Most group travel companies cap their numbers so travelers can have a more authentic experience. That means that trips and specific dates can fill up quickly, so if you're more of a last minute booker you're likely to have more options if you're open to flexibility in your locations or your dates.

Go into it Without Expectations

This is an important one and something we can't stress enough. This experience is probably going to be unlike anything you've done before. You’re still going to find the nightlife, local cuisine, and outdoor adventures you crave, they’re just going to be different (and most likely better) than you’re used to. And that means you shouldn't head into this with preconceived notions of what to expect.

Remember, this is a whole new kind of travel. If you open yourself up to something wildly offbeat, you're way more likely to have a blast on your trip. So, leave the expectations behind and live in the moment; you won't regret it.

Reach Out for More Info

We may sound like a broken record when we say that modern travel companies are unlike those of the past, and, well, we mean it (so we'll say it again!).

More often than not, these are companies founded by people who love travel and staffed by a team who live a life of travel. They're successful because the people who work there are ecstatic to share their knowledge of the world with others. They don't exist solely to make money, tick boxes, or hit KPIs; in general, they do actually care.

That means they want to talk to you, so don't be afraid to ask questions. Be honest, let them know your concerns, fears, wants, and needs, and listen to the feedback from the people who work there. They have great insights into different regions, different trip vibes (from water excursions to foodie destinations), and different experiences for different people.

This is a new age of travel and, in many aspects, a new age of customer service.


Alright, so you've made up your mind; this whole group travel deal sounds like it may just be for you. Now, here's what you can expect to get out of it.

A No Planning Necessary Experience

With FTLO and several other group travel companies, itineraries are carefully curated to incorporate the most fun and excitement, so there's not much hassle in your holiday. That means less research, less booking, less Googling, less time spent on the boring stuff, and more time relaxing on the beach in Costa Rica.

Part of the draw of modern-day group travel is to experience things that wouldn't really be possible on your own—we're talking about sailing off to Greek islands or dog sledding through Lapland.

And that leads us to our second point…

Freedom and Independence

As Steppenwolf so wonderfully put it back in 1968, men really do seem born to be wild. Unsurprisingly, that adventurous, free-wheeling mentality didn't totally mesh with group travel of the past.

The other half of the draw of companies like FTLO is the freedom and independence incorporated into the experiences. You'll be able to take a tour of Sintra, but you'll also be able to head out for drinks in the meandering alleys of Lisbon on your own or with new friends. If you want nightlife, you’ll find nightlife; if you want outdoor adventures, you’ll find those too.

Lower Costs

You could charter your own catamaran and sail through the Mediterranean, but you probably don't have the cash sitting around to swing it. That's where group travel comes into play; with a small crew, these unforgettable experiences are orders of magnitude cheaper per person and much easier to take part in.

A Built-In Group of Friends

Solo travel can be an eye-opening experience; it can also be incredibly lonely. Making friends out on the road just isn't always that easy, particularly when you're only in one spot for a short time. When you join a group tour, the exact opposite is true.

You've got friends the moment you get to your destination, ready to head out for drinks, dinner, and fun. These tours are much more than just cultural explorations; they're more like week-long meet-up events for like-minded travelers.

For single guys, these are fantastic opportunities to meet up with other singles. At FTLO, 80% of travelers sign up alone. The experience is so good that we were just named the best group tour company for singles in the 25-39-year-old age bracket.

An Off the Beaten Path Experience

Because modern group tour companies work with locals in-country, they can take travelers way off the beaten path to less explored regions and neighborhoods. Companies like FTLO have a slow and sustainable travel mentality and work hard to provide a unique experience backed by local boutique companies.

This isn't travel geared toward Instagram memories (though we won't blame you for sharing some); it's more about creating authentic connections with people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. These are culture trips that you really couldn’t find on your own.


Have any questions?

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